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Spam Filtering

Get Spam, Malware and Phishing protection for one low price with Advanced Threat Protection

Spam Filtering Gateway is a component in our Advanced Threat Defense Suite

As a leader in email delivery, we provide spam filtering to customers all over the globe. We have data centers on multiple continents and utilize the best in class data centers for all of our services.  With our cloud based Email Gateway, you can run your own mail server in your office or use a Cloud Based provider while we filter and sanitize your mail with our commercial grade spam filtering engine. Our high performance network is specifically designed to minimize delays and deliver only clean mail to your users inbox, a typical message spends less than 4 seconds in our network before being successfully delivered to your mail server.

If for any reason your mail server is offline when we attempt delivery our Email Gateway service will behave like a Backup MX and wait for your mail server to come back online. The DuoCircle Email Gateway incorporates the features that you’d expect in an Enterprise Grade Spam Filtering solution at a fraction of the cost.

Spam Filtering includes:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Inbound Message Volume
  • Malicious Attachment Blocking
  • Whitelisting / Blacklisting
  • Custom Filtering Rules
  • Activity logs – The administrator will have real time access to the mail queue and logs to verify that mail being forwarded to the destination server.
  • Smart Quarantine – Cut junk mail even more with advanced quarantine. Read more
  • 30 Day Backup queue – 30 Days of MX backup service included.
  • 24/7 email, chat and phone support.

Our basic Spam Filtering services does not include Advanced Threat Defense with Phishing Protection, Outbound SMTP or Email Archiving, but it is a 100% comprehensive and enterprise grade spam filtering gateway that will protect your inbox from Spam, Malware and junk messages.

Or order spam filtering with Advanced Threat Protection and Phishing Protection

Works with On-Premises and Hosted Email Systems

Whether you manage your own mail server such as Microsoft Exchange or use a hosted service like Office 365.