Exchange Archive Solution: A Must For Modern Enterprises

In today’s digital era, all enterprises need to comply with regulations concerning email archiving. Misplaced emails can lead to millions in litigation costs, and the need for proper email archiving solutions has grown tremendously. Doing this, however, has a price attached to it, such as substantial server space costs.

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Moreover, organizing vast amounts of user email data is no small problem. All such issues can be easily avoided by making use of an email archive appliance such as Office 365 email archiving solutions which can help enterprises save on both money and time.

An exchange archive solution is an ideal way to meet the regulatory challenges of email archiving with benefits such as eDiscovery. Some examples of cloud-based, enterprise-class exchange archive solutions are Microsoft Office 365 email archiving solutions, Metalogix, Exclaimer Mail Archiver, etc.

Advantages Of Exchange Archive Solutions

Security and Reliability

Using exchange archive solutions help enterprises remain confident that their user data is safe. These solutions provide well-integrated user experience by maintaining data in a secure and reliable place. The in-place hold feature allows users to preserve user information immutably for discovery at later dates. Continuous data backup and disaster recovery benefits safeguard your data by using globally distributed data centers. The backing of a service level agreement guarantees reliability, availability, and performance with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Complete Control Over All Archiving Needs

Cloud email archiving helps enterprises manage cloud-based archives using an integrated management interface from within the Exchange Administration Center. You can produce and manage your data at any time using the eDiscovery feature. Cloud email archiving solutions can provide sufficient archiving storage capacity which can be scaled up later according to your needs according to your subscription.

User-Friendly Operations

Applications such as Office 365 email archiving solutions have very friendly user operations. Users do not have to learn UI or new tools to access archive email from servers. Maintaining and servicing the systems is also comfortable due to the automatic patching facility. You can access your content from anywhere when you use exchange archive solutions, and it also eliminates the need for maintaining PST files, thereby improving the end-user performance.

Optimized Storage Limit

Exchange archive solutions reduce email storage by up to 80% and email backup times by more than 50%. The optimized email storage requirements ensure the removal of duplicate copies of any document from going to multiple users. This feature preserves your storage limit.

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Summing up, the advantages of exchange archive solutions are:

  • Reduction of maintenance cost
  • Elimination of the need for PST files
  • Insurance of legal compliance
  • Elimination of the use of SQL servers
  • The ability for fast end-user search

Exchange archive solutions are thus ideal for modern enterprises which have to deal with varying quantities of customer email data for compliance purposes.

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