The Type Of Email Archive Appliance You Should Look For

A server or cloud-based solution that organizations use to archive and store emails for quick retrieval is known as an email archive appliance.

With email threats such as spam and phishing emails, a secure location for all emails is an intelligent way to keep secret documents and contracts safe and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Types Of Email Archive Appliances

Server-Based Appliances

In case of enterprises who don’t have bulk emails to store, server-based archiving software may be the best option. Such an appliance does not require a big team to manage the server and is one of the best email archiving solutions for mid-sized and small businesses.

Cloud Email Archiving

Large organizations manage vast amounts of data which needs more storage capacity and reliable exchange archive solutions. The cloud email archiving solutions offer unlimited capacity, as well as follows all the compliances related to email archiving.

An Example Of An Excellent Email Archiving Solution

Microsoft is one of the best organizations providing the ultimate email archive appliance with its Office 365 email archiving solutions.

This software has malware protection, cloud-based platform, functionality to meet email-related compliance, spam email detection, and much more to offer about archiving essential emails. The best part is that you can retrieve these emails, even when offline, by making use of the drive storage facility.

The best appliance to choose for efficiency would be an exchange archive solution, which automatically archives on the cloud platform even the emails that users exchange among themselves. Office 365 email archiving solution has this feature, too. Archiving is quick and straightforward if one has multiple useful features on one platform. Office 365 has a lot of features to offer on a single platform, thus making it one of the best email archive appliances you should check out.

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