Office 365 Email Archiving Solutions: The Advantages Of Cloud-Based Archiving

Organizations today are shifting steadily towards the powerful email archiving solutions provided by email archive appliances such as Microsoft Office 365 (Office 365). A characteristic feature of Microsoft products is the wide variety of choices available to the user. Office 365 email archiving solutions are no different, and there are many plans available with varied functionality.

These plans are a kind of the many types of hosted exchange archive solutions available, and Microsoft brands these services as Exchange Online.

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Features Of Office 365 Email Archiving Solution

Office 365 email archiving solutions consist of the following main features that enable users to archive their emails in the archive mailbox:


  • Easy Access: Users have easy access and can store email messages in their archive mailboxes through the use of Outlook on the web and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Quick Data Recovery: With the use of the Recover Deleted Items tool, users can quickly recover deleted items from the Recoverable Items folder.
  • Unlimited Archive Feature: An attractive feature of Office 365 email archiving solution is unlimited archive storage with an auto-expanding archiving option available.

Advantages Of Using Office 365 Email Archiving Solutions

The adoption rate for Office 365 continues to be very high for a valid reason. Cloud email archiving is becoming the future of artificial intelligence and cloud-based business solutions. The range of services provided by the Office 365 email archiving solutions include an in-place email archive feature, integrated management interface, in-place hold, litigation hold, and unlimited storage. There is the much-needed flexibility in choosing permissions for the users, while admins can also manage retention policies.

Here are some of the advantages provided by this email archive appliance:


  • Functional Integration: It has a great integration feature for those organizations which are already using the Microsoft 365 productivity suite.
  • Excellent Security Features: It offers reliable and robust security features, including authentication mechanisms. This feature is essential for modern enterprises that remain vulnerable to attackers.
  • Outstanding & Well-Rounded Overall Performance: Concerning the overall performance of Office 365, the email archive appliance has effectively adapted itself to the latest styles in document production, messaging, video communication, and more.
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Benefits of Cloud Email Archiving and Office 365 Email Archiving Solutions

Given below are a few broad points the user gets exclusive access to by purchasing the Office 365 Email Archiving solutions bundle.


  • Dedicated Exchange Administration Center: Managing cloud-based archives is hassle-free with the help of an integrated management interface within the Exchange Administration Center.
  • Huge Storage Space: 50 GB archive storage is provided in the archive mailbox with access to historical information.
  • eDiscovery for Data Management: Data can be found, produced, and managed across the organization in an easy to use web-interface with the help of the eDiscovery feature.
  • Features That Save Time and Effort: Along with consistent and anywhere access, automatic patching helps to eliminate the effort and time needed to service or maintain the email archive system.
  • Good Retention Policies: The retention policies are there to help users to enable delete or archive information at their discretion.

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