Email Backup Service – A Critical Component Of Email Continuity

Server downtimes can be extremely counterproductive to businesses because all organizations depend primarily on emails for their business communications. One way they can avoid such a situation is to subscribe to business continuity email services.


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Email Continuity – The Concept

Email continuity helps businesses receive and send emails when the primary email server is down. For a simple email continuity definition, It can be stated that it acts as a substitute system for the regular email server. It ensures that the business keeps functioning despite the primary email server being inaccessible.

Email continuity is essential to keep the communication channels intact, for it offers excellent features like email backup service and email failover. This feature enables the organizations to receive the complete details of all email correspondence (inward and outward) made during the server downtime period.

Email Backup Service – The Benefits

An email backup service is essential for all businesses because of the following reasons

  • While email continuity allows businesses to continue sending and receiving emails despite the regular email servers being down, email backup ensures a record of every email sent or received during this period.
  • This backup ensures that the restoration of email messages becomes accessible after the regular email servers start functioning.
  • Email backups are useful for end-users as it allows them to restore lost emails quickly.
  • Most importantly, email backups help in meeting compliance requirements.
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Email Backup Service Vs. Email Archiving

Many people confuse email backup service and email archiving.

Email archiving ensures that the email data remains available and retrievable at any point in time. It is essential for every business as it can prove helpful to the company later, especially if there is a dispute or query from law-enforcing agencies.

Generally, an email backup service is there to store data for short and medium terms. This concept allows the business to take out copies of the entire data sets, whereby they can be stored in an external storage device or cloud environment with the option of restoration at a later date.

Thus, one can state that email backup is there in case there is a need for disaster recovery rather than regulatory compliance.

Email continuity ensures that the organization doesn’t miss time-sensitive business during a mail-server downtime, and the end-user never realizes that there was an outage. As the organization keeps sending and receiving emails during this period, the email backup service maintains each email’s records, thereby enabling easy restoration after a regular email server’s resumption.

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