Auto DraftEverything You Need To Know About Email Continuity

Let us understand the concept and benefits of email continuity.

With businesses taking their communications online, emails are today, the preferred communication mode. Without emails, an organization’s day-to-day operations can come to a halt because of the lack of credible communication channels. Therefore, they should ensure that the email server never goes offline. A better solution would be to have an email backup facility to ensure email continuity.


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Email Continuity Definition And Its Uses

In simple terms, email continuity is a backup email system that can temporarily substitute the email server when it goes offline. Thus, one can send and receive emails using the regular email address, even when the primary email server is inaccessible. Businesses should have an email backup service facility because it

  • Prevents the loss of emails in transit and instances of bounceback.
  • Keep sending and receiving emails even when the server is down.
  • Works automatically, and there isn’t any manual intervention required.
  • Comes with email security features to filter spam and prevent viruses from accessing the network.


How Does Email Continuity Work?

Email continuity is an automatic process that mirrors your seven-day email history and makes it accessible through a webmail portal.

  • As your regular email server waits to restore services, the new emails get queued up for delivery. They also get replicated to the email continuity portal.
  • Users can access their emails from the portal and keep sending and receiving emails from any device.
  • On the restoration of the primary email services, the queued inbound emails get automatically delivered to the primary server.
  • Email continuity services ensure that users get total protection from phishing and other malicious activities.


Email Continuity Features – Much More Than Email Backup Service

Besides acting as an email backup service, business entities can enjoy the benefits of automatic email failover and email security. When we talk about email security, these services automatically filter all the messages directed towards the user domain before sending them to the email system. The system holds the message and tries to deliver it within a set cycle if it fails to deliver in the first attempt.


email continuity


What Is Email Failover?

Email continuity services come with a unique facility known as email failover service. It ensures that the business received a complete history of all email correspondence when the regular email servers were down. The failover can:

  • Protect the crucial database of the organization in case of a system failure or during maintenance.
  • Allow automatic running of maintenance jobs on systems, without needing any supervision.
  • Suit the organizational network and hardware configurations as it is highly customizable.


Why Is Business Continuity Email Vital For Organizations?

In this competitive age, immediate communication is the key to success for any business. Emails offer the easiest and swiftest modes of communication with clients and staff members. It requires the proper functioning of email servers. If the email servers are down or offline, the organization could miss out on critical business emails.

Business continuity email is essential for organizations to stay ahead of the curve. Some of the primary reasons why businesses need email continuity are as follows.

  • Prevent Revenue Loss – Businesses depend on emails to gather leads, send contracts, and manage invoices. In the absence of the regular email service, the businesses could suffer a loss of revenue, thereby affecting their bottom line.
  • Save Time – As businesses will send and receive emails, even when the regular email services are offline, it saves valuable time. The staff can work at full productivity.
  • Protect company reputationEmail bouncebacks can affect the company’s reliability, whereby customers doubt whether the business would be able to provide prompt service. Email continuity helps keep the organization’s reputation intact by not allowing bouncebacks to happen.
  • Prevent Miscommunication – The absence of regular email service can cause the spreading of misinformation. A reliable email continuity service can help prevent miscommunication to a great extent.

As a business owner or a manager, one has to ensure that the communication within the organization between employees, as well as with clients and customers, cannot go down at any cost. Not only could this lead to significant reputational damage, but also can cost an organization a fortune in terms of revenue lost. A robust email continuity service can not only ensure that your communication remains intact, but also provides business continuity and enables companies to continue performing and remain ahead of their competitors.

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