Learn How How Email Gateway Works To Secure Secure Your Business’ Digital Communications

An email gateway or email gateways are the types of servers that act as an entry point for any inbound or outbound email in an email platform used by the organization.
Here are email gateway examples that demonstrate their ability to avoid social engineering attacks and scams like business email compromise (BEC).

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How Email Gateway Works: Detailed Email Gateway Functioning Examples

The primary function of an email gateway is to continually scan and analyze the emails for any threats associated with it and decide which email will enter or leave the user’s inbox. An email gateway free may work differently in different areas, in contrast to the paid ones that come with many additional services and features.

Spam Filtering

A secure email gateway purchased from a reliable vendor provides powerful anti-spam technologies against the ever-growing threat of spam in blocking them. Spam filters use the algorithms for detecting common areas such as keywords and malicious links in the emails. It also extends its control to the user to report and block the spam emails coming across the email gateway.

Protection From Phishing

Prominent vendors provide meticulous email gateways with prevention from fraudulent activities like phishing attacks. They use various technologies for detection of frauds and preventing sender spoofing, along with techniques such as domain name validation to identify and block malicious phishing attacks taking place in the mailboxes.

Virus And Malware Protection

Email gateways are equipped with anti-virus and anti-malware functions to locate and remove emails containing malicious URLs, attachments, and links to phishing websites.

According to the secure email gateway definition, they provide threat protection services from email threats such as spam, virus, malware, and phishing attacks happening in the enterprises’ network. But, it is prudent to know how email gateway works before choosing the best one.

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