Secure Email Gateway Definition – Protect Your Information System Against Malicious Emails

Any email gateway definition tells you that it is the point through which your incoming, as well as outgoing email, passes. Now, a secure email gateway is one that additionally protects the internal email server of the organization by preventing or blocking unwanted or malicious emails. Any email gateway example acts as the first firewall against malicious emails.

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How Email Gateway Works

An email gateway protects by evaluating the domain of inbound emails as well as looking for any suspicious content inside the email, including attachments and URLs, that’s how email gateway works. Unfit messages will get quarantined or rejected. A secure email gateway definition encompasses the scanning of inbound emails, outbound emails, and internal email communications of the organization. The gateway checks the outbound emails to ensure that the organization does not suffer any data compromise or loss.

Besides, the email archiving function helps in legal compliance and management of data. In case of server failure, the organization functions uninterrupted as the continuity feature of the gateway server helps in accessing the emails. The gateway server also provides analytics for email traffic management.

The modern secure email gateway systems are mostly cloud-based. Such architecture lowers the capital investment as no hardware, software, configuration, and maintenance overhead are required. It also simplifies data management. One can use an email gateway free or trial version before finally purchasing the paid/premium version.

Features Of A Secure Email Gateway

Following are some of the key features a good email gateway service provides:

Spam Filtering

The filtering of spam emails is the essential function of an email gateway. The spam email gets quarantined or blocked whenever it passes through the gateway.

Virus and Malware Protection

An email gateway uses advanced antivirus technologies to scan for any viruses or malware. It even scans the email attachments and URLs.

Phishing Protection

Phishing protection is offered by email gateway by employing anti-fraud technologies. It also validates domain names besides spotting spoofing attempts.

Admin Controls And Reporting

The secure email gateway provides the feature of admin control and reporting through which the admin can take the power of managing the security of the entire email network via a centralized admin dashboard.

Employing a secure email gateway is highly beneficial as it provides safety to the organization’s email server from spam, viruses, malware, phishing attacks, etc. In addition to this, it helps in managing the emails and even helps in fulfilling legal compliance through email archiving features. It also offers business continuity during network failure or server outage. A secure email server is a valuable asset to any security-conscious organization.

how email gateway works

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