Learn How Email Communication Can Be Secured With Email Gateway Example Features

Email security remains vital for the continued operations of an organization. Information compromised by malicious actors can cause tremendous harm to the finances and reputation of businesses. An email gateway service protects inbound as well as outbound emails and acts as a firewall for emails. Email Gateways prevent attacks that use malware, spam or phishing. This article will look at how email gateways secure organizations by examining the most important email gateway example features.

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Secure Email Gateway Definition

A simple email gateway definition is that email gateways are mail servers that protect an organization’s mail servers by serving as a filter. All incoming and outgoing emails pass through these secure servers, thus making them “Gateways” for a user’s email platform, this is the definition of secure email gateway. Email gateways do not host the inbox of the user.

Understanding How Email Gateway Works

An SEG (Secure Email Gateway) is a software or device applied to monitor emails that are received as well as sent. They allow scanned emails to pass on to the internal servers of an organization if these emails do not contain spam or malware, this is how email gateway works. SEGs quarantine emails that may be harmful. Emails are also encrypted to protect sensitive information.

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Some Email Gateway Example Features

Following are some examples of features email gateways provide –

Content Filtering

The service scans email content, attachments and links to block suspicious content, malware and viruses. It can also prevent information leak by members who are sabotaging their organization.

Email Archiving

SMTP archiving or gateway archiving helps with compliance, as required by the law.

Spam Filtering

Email gateway services filter spam using advanced technologies that include heuristics or Bayesian-based prefiltering mechanisms.

Email Gateway Free Services

Services of an email gateway can also be provided via free, open-source software. Trial versions with full features are also available. Note that free email gateway services may have basic or limited features. The frequency of false positives with high-end services is also less. An alternative to free services is public cloud services that are affordable, reliable and have low maintenance.

Email Gateway services thus serve the vital function of preventing corporate data leakage and protecting mail servers from spam. Ninety percent of all sent mail is spam mail, and therefore such services are essential in today’s digital communication.

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