Office 365 Anti-Phishing Policy

When using Office 365, you can set up policies to prevent cybercriminals from successfully attacking your organization. It’s important to do so since it can help safeguard your trade secrets.

Here, we explain what an Office 365 anti-phishing policy is and how you can set some up.

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Anti-phishing protection

With Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, you automatically get anti-phishing protection. This feature uses machine learning models with impersonation detection algorithms to correctly identify and stop phishing emails.

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Review and set up policies

Once you have your subscription, it automatically comes with an Office 365 anti-phishing policy. This is a default setting that applies universal rules to everyone in your office.

Before you review the initial policy, you have to first set up the global and security administrators. Once you’ve done so, you can then review the policy and edit it if you wish. The following options are available:

  • Add users and domains for protection
  • Add trusted senders and domains
  • Select which individuals the policies are applied to
  • Set actions for the protected users and domains in the event of office 365 phishing attacks (such as quarantine or redirect emails)
  • Turn on mailbox intelligence
  • Set advanced phishing thresholds (standard, aggressive, more aggressive, or most aggressive)

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Secure email Office 365 with anti-phishing software

Boost the protection power of this native security solution by installing office 365 phishing protection. There are some areas where Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection can fall short; office 365 atp anti-phishing software is there to the rescue when it does.

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