How Small Businesses Can Handle Email Marketing Efficiently Using SMTP Relay Free Servers

The process of sending an email may seem an easy one, but what’s happening behind the scenes is more complicated than merely a click of the mouse. Web hosts may sometimes encounter issues like emails not being delivered in time or even IP blacklisting at times, especially when sending bulk emails. To counter this problem, SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is a standard way for email transfer on the internet, can be of great help if used efficiently. An outbound SMTP relay service receives all the emails from the primary mail server of the sender and then sends them to the appropriate recipients’ mail servers. Being a dedicated service, unlike usual personal emails, SMTP relay service confidently guarantees that email sent will be rightly delivered to the recipients’ inbox.


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Free SMTP Relay Servers: Ideal Choice For Small Businesses

There are various types of outbound SMTP relay service providers, and some of them offer SMTP relay free packages, which allow one to test their services. With such services, one can have the freedom of sending a sufficiently ample amount of emails every day, considering one’s business is of small scale. An example being the SMTP relay service Google offers, which allows sending about 100 emails every day, which means 3,000 emails every month. It is a wise choice for small-scaled businesses with low email volume. Yahoo! and Hotmail are also among many providers that offer free outbound SMTP relay service. However, the quantity restriction can be a limitation if your organization grows, and business becomes a large scale one, which demands a higher number of emails to be sent regularly. In such cases, it is advisable to upgrade to the premium package offers to choose a plan that suits the requirements best.

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What Are The Benefits Of Free SMTP Relay Service Provider?

The benefits of using a third party free SMTP relay service include:

  • A simple SMTP relay configuration, as a significant part of technical work, is done by a dedicated and professional third party.
  • Email deliverability is assured.
  • It’s a wise choice for startups and developers with smaller-scale activities and a need to save on investment.
  • Scalability is easy. One can upgrade to a higher package of choice later on.
  • No spam emails and IP blacklisting resulting from an unprotected SMTP server.

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Final Words

A paid SMTP relay software and outbound SMTP relay service are inevitable for large businesses considering the bulk of email they have to send every day to prospective as well as existing customers. However, a free SMTP server can be the best option for an economical business setup with low requirements and limited activities and without much SMTP relay configuration. The convenience of scalability with the free SMTP server helps to upgrade to higher versions as the business develops. Properly configuring the free SMTP server and tapping the benefits of its features helps manage the email marketing communication of a small business efficiently and produce significant profits.

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