SMTP Relay Configuration, And SMTP Services For Secure Outbound Email Communication

Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) is a digital communication protocol which is used to transfer email from one email service to another. SMTP is majorly used to send out newsletters, marketing emails, notifications, and email updates. Outbound SMTP relay service can be configured with the existing web applications, third party email agents, and custom domain addresses to transfer emails efficiently.

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SMTP Relay Configuration and Its Relevance

SMTP relay service allows relaying emails from one email server to another. SMTP relay configuration is a critical process to make sure that only authorized users can relay their emails through the server. Any user across the internet can send emails through any SMTP relay service if there is no SMTP relay access authentication required. There are different ways of SMTP relay configuration for different SMTP relay software. Further, there are both options available for SMTP relay – free as well as paid. Here, let’s see how we can configure the two most popular SMTP relay services available, viz., Google SMTP, and Windows O365 SMTP.

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Configuring SMTP Relay Service – Google

Google’s G Suite can be an excellent choice for someone who is looking for a free Google SMTP relay service with limited bandwidth requirements for outbound emails. It is easy to use Google’s SMTP relay service on various third party clients such as SMTP relay – Windows email clients and existing email servers. A user can easily configure an email client to use Google SMTP relay services with the help of a Google account.

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Configuring SMTP Relay O365 (Office 365)

It is quite similar to configuring a device or a third party application with GSuite. The best part of this method is that it bypasses anti-spam filters when sending out outbound emails. It will make sure that the organization’s IP address is not flagged as Spam. Users can send emails from the local networks as well as any cloud hosting services such as Microsoft Azure.

There are numerous SMTP relay software and service providers available. Users will have to evaluate the right SMTP relay service based on their requirements. Office 365 and Google SMTP service are two of the most reliable SMTP relay services available right now because of their vast infrastructure and cutting edge technologies. Apart from these, there are many paid services available for someone for whom an option to send a massive amount of outbound emails regularly is inevitable.

The user needs to evaluate a few crucial parameters while doing SMTP relay configuration, and these parameters may include configuration related to authentication, anti-spam IP protection, and efficient relaying from one email server to another. Choosing the right email relaying service and appropriate configuration can be highly impactful in the organization’s outbound email communications.

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