SMTP Relay Software- The Essential Aspect For Running A Successful Marketing Campaign

Understanding SMTP Server And SMTP Relay Service

Before understanding SMTP Relay Software, we should first briefly understand what SMTP means. SMTP is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which does the work of a mailman to deliver an outgoing email from one mail server to another. We can say that the SMTP relay service will not work if there is no SMTP server as an SMTP server functions as a vessel (protocol) to deliver the email.

SMTP Relay Service Google, SMTP Relay o365, SMTP Relay Windows, etc. are some of the examples of SMTP Relay providers.

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SMTP Relay Software

SMTP relay software provides you the facility to send bulk emails by offering a secure outbound SMTP relay service. The software provider usually has a list of SMTP servers that help deliver an email to the desired destination. The choice of SMTP servers used by the software is significant because the reputation of the SMTP servers decides whether the email sent by you gets marked as spam or not.

  1. Problems with SMTP relay free services
    1. There are high chances that you’ll experience a lot of deliverability issues.
    2. The frequency of these issues increases when you exceed your ISP’s maximum daily limit.
    3. There are chances that your marketing emails end up in the spam box of the recipient, where the receiver might never notice it.
  2. Solutions a dedicated SMTP Relay Software offers
    1. It frees you from the burden of dealing with multiple deliverability issues.
    2. It handles all the problems from IP blacklisting to mail server reputation issues.
    3. It sends emails through trusted, reputed, and legitimate third-party SMTP servers.

How SMTP Relay Software Works?

Usually, an SMTP Relay Software does not need much SMTP relay configuration as it easily gets connected to the organization’s mailing server.

  • When an email originates, the software connects to the SMTP relay service. Then it forwards the message along with the user details needed to locate the destination.
  • These details include the domain name present in the email address and the Domain Name Service (DNS).
  • After locating the delivery point, the email gets delivered to the Message Delivery Agent (MDA) of the receiver.
  • If direct delivery is not possible, then it gets transferred to multiple third party Mail Transfer Agents, which work as SMTP Servers, and finally hit the inbox of the recipient.
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When Do You Need SMTP Relay Software?

The SMTP Relay Software finds use in organizations wanting to send bulk emails or conducting a marketing campaign. There are several other situations when the need to use SMTP Relay Software arises, such as:

  • You want to free yourself from mail flow headaches and want to improve the deliverability of your emails with minimum chances of getting a non-delivery report.
  • You are looking for a hassle-free method to send emails using various hardware devices such as printers, fax machines, scanners, or other IoT devices.
  • You have created an app or website for your organization and want a suitable email delivery system through which you can send emails.
  • Your Internet Service Provider has put a limit on the number of email relays you can conduct in a day; then, the software allows you to send a high volume of emails.

By using SMTP Relay Software, you can free yourself from the burden of dealing with multiple deliverability issues and managing batch emails as well as automated emails. It handles all the problems from IP blacklisting to mail server reputation issues by sending emails through trusted, reputed, and legitimate third-party SMTP servers. So, pick a reliable SMTP Relay Software and run your marketing campaign efficiently without facing any deliverability issues.

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