How to Prevent Phishing and Spoofing

Whether you’re freelance or work for a corporation, understanding how to prevent phishing and spoofing and know the difference between spear phishing vs phishing is a valuable skill everyone should know. Your data is a precious commodity, and cybercriminals are always looking for ways to obtain it.

In this article, we show you a few basic anti-phishing techniques to fend off phishing attacks with example of spear phishing.

How to prevent phishing

The best way to phishing prevention is through education, vigilance and implementing phishing prevention best practices. Always treat any emails with spelling mistakes, grammar errors, links, or attachments with caution. Having a security officer in your workplace can help immensely with this. They’ll be able to continually update your office about the latest phishing scams, plus test your employees with fake phishing emails.

Installing a reputable antivirus program and anti-phishing toolbar can help as well.

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How to prevent spoofing

Here are three ways you can stop spoofing from happening in your organization:

Your IT department can implement all three so it’s more difficult for cybercriminals to spoof your email.

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Get an all-in-one solution

All of the above methods are great for fighting against phishing and spoofing, but there’s another solution: anti-phishing software. Features include:

  • Smart quarantine
  • Malicious attachment blocking
  • Real-time link click protection
  • Domain name spoofing protection
  • Display name spoofing

With all these capabilities, anti-phishing software takes a lot of the security responsibilities out of your hands, so you do not have to worry about how to protect against phishing. If you have frequent visitors to your office, this software can be a foolproof way of blocking out spear phishing attacks, no matter who’s using your devices.

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