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Message Replay

Immediately Restore Lost, Missing or Deleted Email Messages

Build for Catastrophic Failures, Yet Simple Enough to Recover a Single Message

Have you ever lost emails because of a misconfiguration on your mail server? Even if you backups are lost and your primary storage is inaccessible, you can recover your email immediately.

Simply click the “replay” button rather than having to suffer the loss of an important message or even tens of thousands of important emails. Message Replay from DuoCircle is a secure and encrypted short term archive of your email for up to 45 days. It starts working immediately and provides a straightforward way to recover lost email.

An easy to use dashboard provides full access to your email meta data so that you can recover and deliver inbound messages that have been deleted, corrupted or lost for any reason.
Free short-term archiving.  Not ready to commit to archiving your emails yet. DuoCircle Message Replay provides a 45 day short term archive and disaster recovery solution.

All accounts include a 24-hour short term queue that can be upgraded for longer retention times.

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