The security of any organization’s information to a large degree is only as good as the security of their email. With 91% of security threats originating from email-based vulnerabilities, organizations must prioritize systems that protect against email attacks.

With DuoCircle’s Cloud-Based Email Security solution, your organization will be protected against a wide variety of threats. With any email security solution, you can expect spam protection as well as virus and malware mitigation, but DuoCircle also provides secure cloud spam protection, allowing your organization to quickly respond to threats that could spread throughout the entire enterprise. This additional layer of protection goes far beyond what traditional email security measures are designed to provide.

DuoCircle’s Cloud-Based Email Security is always up-to-date and always on. Because it is cloud-based, there are no additional hardware, software, or provisioning costs to your organization. Flexible and granular security controls are provided, enabling you to manage the security of your email from a single unified console.

Enhance Security with a Secure Email Gateway

DuoCircle’s cloud-based email security solution provides protection from a variety of attacks by stopping them before they reach your system. By applying email protection service at the gateway, threats such as phishing, zero-day attacks, malware and spam are caught before they reach your network. This enables your organization to:

  • Catch and prevent email threats before they reach your users, thus improving security and system performance
  • Simplify security for email by maintaining it in the cloud and applying a single set of continually updated threat intelligence policies to all email.
  • Apply policies across the entire organization by giving your administrators the tools they need to successfully do their jobs.

A true end-to-end Solution for Cloud-Based Email Security

Cloud-Based Email Security from DuoCircle keeps your email secure by:

  • Providing real-time blocking and scanning of suspected websites and attachments, and preventing employees from downloading malware or revealing their credentials
  • Stopping threats in the cloud before they reach the organization’s network through the use of multi-layered spam and malware protection located in the gateway. This technique eliminates viruses and virtually guarantees a spam-free environment.

DuoCircle’s Cloud-Based Email Security is an innovative and cost-effective solution.



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