How Cloud-Based Email Archiving Solutions Can Provide Efficient Information Management

What Is Email Archiving?

Most organizations in current times rely on emails as primary communication. They share their work and confidential information over email communication. Therefore, any organization needs to have substantial email storage and management plan. Email archiving is a term used for various email management activities such as email backups, email storage, email indexing, and email retrieval. Email archiving solutions offer plenty of advantages to making the most of email communications and email storage space given by email hosting provider. The services in a comprehensive form, including various services in addition to the storage space, are sometimes referred to as exchange archiving solutions.


cloud email archiving solutions

Here are the numerous benefits of third party email archiving services:

Mail Storage Capacity

Email archiving services eliminate the need for having excessive storage on email hosting servers. It allows monetary advantages to organizations by eliminating the need for purchasing excess storage quota.

Backup & Retrieval

Usually, it is tough for organizations to maintain timely backups for their employee’s email communications. Email archiving services make backups and retrieval look extremely easy for end-users.

Data Loss Prevention

Users can be immune to malware infections, phishing attacks, or accidental deletion of important emails by leveraging the Email archiving solutions.

Email Compression

Email archiving solutions offer email compression, as well as the removal of duplicate emails and attachments. It maintains stored emails in an organized way and directly results in higher productivity.

Email Indexing And Search

Being able to store a massive number of emails is not that beneficial if employees are not able to find effective email instantly. The right email archiving solution offers sharp and simple searching where the user can search through emails using the recipient’s name, recipient’s email address, attachment name, mailed date, and the content within the email.

Storage Compliance And Regulations

Enterprises are bound to follow specific regulations for data storage. Email archiving solutions make sure that data is governed as per the compliance requirements. It enables organizations to focus on their business rather than worrying about regulatory compliance.

Types Of Email Archiving Solutions

On-Premise Email Archiving Solutions

On-premise email archiving solutions are carried out using IT infrastructure installed on the premises of the organization. This kind of solution asks for IT staff who can manage and maintain the hardware or software as required.

On-premise email archiving solutions can be further divided into the following categories based on resources needed for their establishment:

Software-Based Email Archiving

Software-based email archiving requires the purchase of a licensed email archiving software which can operate on the server. Such software comes with various subscription-based models that charge the user based on usage.

Hardware-Based Email Archiving

This type of email archiving requires leveraging off-the-shelf hardware. The user has to choose equipment with the right system performance as necessary prudently. The hardware-based solution is not very scalable and requires a lot of maintenance from human resources.

Hybrid Email Archiving Solution

In the case of software-based solutions, it is recommended that the user locate separate dedicated hardware for the required processing capability. Likewise, sometimes hardware appliance needs customization to the preloaded program. Therefore, hybrid Email archiving solutions are usually the most preferred among on-premise email archiving solutions.

Personal Email Archive Software

There are many email archiving appliances and solutions available that an individual can leverage for email archiving personally. Some of the email clients offer integrated email archiving module while third-party email archiving software is also available for users.

Cloud-Based Email Archiving Solutions

Cloud-based email archiving solutions are solutions that are managed by cloud platforms. This type of email archiving solution offers a great deal of scalability to the user. Cloud Email archiving solutions do not require any maintenance from the end-user as the platform manages all the support and development chores through their dedicated staff. It also offers an easily accessible centralized database to store all the email transmissions. Cloud-based email archiving solutions are updated from time to time. Hence they are far more protected against any cyber-attacks.

email archive cloud
email archive cloud

Summarizing Email Archiving Solutions Comparison

Email archiving solutions will be nothing but trouble if one chooses the hardware-based version without giving much thought to it. The first step for any individual or organization is to determine their needs and evaluate all the available solutions by using email archiving solutions comparison.

Personal email archive software would be the most favorable solution for any individual as there are several options to choose from. Some of the personal solutions are available for free, while others propose various satisfactorily priced models based on the user’s needs.

An on-premise email archiving solution would be suitable for any technology enterprise as such an establishment would possess the necessary IT staff and technical expertise.

Cloud-based email archiving solutions are more preferred by organizations that do not carry the required skill and resources for all the maintenance activities.

Final Words

As they are scalable, cloud-based email archiving solutions are highly recommended for any organization growing rapidly or relying on the use of email communication. As such, organizations would need the flexibility of storage and performance. Cloud-based email archiving solutions also offer a tailored payment approach where every user would only have to spend for the portion of resources used by them.

cloud based email archiving

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