Email Archiving Solutions Comparison – Choosing The Correct Tool To Handle Your Organization’s Emails

If we take a look at the email archiving solutions comparison with the conventional email backup, then on-premise email archiving solutions or personal email archive software are considered much better. There are various types of email archiving solutions, such as software-based, hardware-based, cloud-based, hybrid type, etc. The user needs to make an email archiving solutions comparison of all the types of solutions and pick up an ideal one that suits the organization the most.

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Issues Faced By An Organization In the Absence of Email Archiving Solutions Comparison

If we understand email archiving solutions in simple words, then these solutions help in preserving the emails and making them easily searchable. The cloud-based email archiving solutions work by capturing the contents of the email either from the mailbox of the user or through capturing it during transport. The captured content is stored either in the cloud or in any magnetic disk storage for future references. If an organization does not employ an email archive appliance, then the following issues can be faced by it:

  • The high volume of emails can slow down the mail server, which can result in a delay in sending or receiving any emails.
  • The problem in procuring emails in case of any legal issues or litigations.
  • The problem in acquiring the important emails, if deleted accidentally.


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Email Archiving Solutions Comparison Of Types Of Archiving Solutions

To decide which type of email archiving solution will suit your organization the most, you need to know about various types of archiving solutions:

Software Email Archiving Solution

The software-based email archiving solution is the most common type of solution. In this, you only get software in a storage device or link to download and install the software. You have to arrange other components and software licenses like database software, web server software, operating system, hardware server, etc. After purchasing all these additional components, you need to make the installation and configuration of all the components to create a proper email archiving solution.

Hardware Email Archiving Solutions

The hardware-based email archiving solution came into the picture in the year 2004. It is also known as an email archive appliance solution. In this, you get a combo of software as well as hardware components. You need not waste your time in the configuration of the components as they already come configured. All you need to do is to plug it in and deploy the solution. No addition component requirement is there. The solution already consists of the required software as well as hardware.

Virtual Email Archiving Solution

The virtual email archiving solution is a step ahead of the software as well as hardware-based email archiving solutions. It came into the market in the year 2010. In this, the user gets a virtual machine that has got all the components configured beforehand, and the user only needs to deploy it in the organization’s virtual environment. This type of solution mostly works with VMware, Microsoft HyperV, and sometimes with a Linux-based virtual environment.

Cloud Email Archiving Solutions

The cloud email archiving solutions have made email archiving very convenient as you just need to purchase the solution, and it will directly be deployed on your cloud. You don’t get anything as everything will be managed in the cloud. All you need to do is to configure the solution and deploy it in your cloud environment. No additional purchase of any component needs to be done.

Hybrid Email Archiving Solutions

The hybrid email archiving solution came into the role in the 2000s and is considered one of the most prominent types of solutions. This solution is a combo of software, hardware, and cloud-based archiving solution. The hardware, as well as software solution, is used on-site, and the cloud solution is used to store the data. Hence, you get the on-site software together with hardware and configuration details for the cloud.

cloud email archiving solutions
cloud email archiving

Final Words

There are several email archiving tools available, make an email archiving solutions comparison as per your organization’s needs, and relieve yourself from the worries of managing emails.

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