Learn What An Email Archive Appliance Does And Everything Else You Need To Know About It

A complaint cloud-based security system is an ideal email archive appliance. When you are selecting one for your business, you have to be considerate of your choice. Hence, it is essential to research before settling for a decision.

When selecting a cloud-based appliance, you should know that all archiving emails don’t provide similar benefits. There can be an appliance that doesn’t optimize performance, whereas some others might fail to comply with audit regulations and industry retention.

Every organization has to consider cloud email archiving solutions. Therefore, it can’t be decided based on what the other one selects as you have to choose the suitable solution according to your organization. If you are looking for a way to free up exchange server resources, increase employee productivity, and sort issues related to intellectual property, below mentioned information would help you.

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About Email Archive Appliances

Finding the ideal email Archive appliance is not a difficult task if you know what it is. Also, you should make an effort to identify the devices that are not efficient. Some appliances have an issue with productivity. Hence, selecting an ideal instrument must be done attentively.

If you are using a hardware email archive appliance, you would have to struggle with limitations. You would have to focus on the exact location of the removable storage unit while retrieving data. There are chances for the removable storage to be damaged, lost, or store. Also, you must be considerate about the storage limit as there can be issues with the shared on-premise email archiving solutions if not handled carefully.

In contrast, cloud-based email archiving solutions control data in a similar location. Then, it is easy to search for data in lesser time. The cloud-based data centers protect data. Therefore, it will not be stolen, damaged, or lost. The data will be encrypted. When the amount of data grows, the capacity of the storage will expand accordingly.

Use of Email Archive Appliances

If organizations want to protect themselves from legal issues, exchange archiving solutions are an essential factor for them. By using these appliances, companies can protect themselves from being meddled up in legal disputes that are hard to be solved. If you choose to use, it will help your business to run smoothly.

With email archiving, you don’t have to do things for the sake of doing them. The software will handle everything that needs to be processed. It will access the network without causing any harm to the organization’s information or the network. All the activities will be secure.

However, there are different types of archiving solutions, including personal email archive software. When considering a particular software, you need to make sure that it suits your needs.
One of the prominent benefits is you have the proof for archiving. Hence, you don’t have to worry about doing it manually, since the software will do the needful.

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Types of Email Archiving Appliances

There are two primary types of appliances that are used for email archiving as well as personal email archive software.

Appliances Based on Server

Most of the small and middle-sized businesses look for archive solutions that are inexpensive and can be managed on-premise. A server-based model is a perfect solution for such companies as they don’t have to pay much and can still be confident that their emails are safe and secure.

Appliances Based on Cloud-Platform

Since the storage facility is unlimited in a cloud-platform, most of the big companies choose the cloud-based email archive appliance. The actual platform is situated outside the premises of the company. This means that the organization does not have to look after the backup and storage space. Everything related to the safekeeping of the emails is handled by an external vendor in a cloud-based platform.

Examples of Email Archive Appliances

When talking about email archiving, it is essential to consider a few, but before moving on to that, here are a few types of software that you should know about:


These are software that act as filters to stop malware or spam emails. Such emails are sent by attackers to steal personal information from the recipient.


A virus can affect the entire computer system as well as disrupt the whole hardware. This is also done in an attempt to clone the entire computer system.

Advanced Malware Protection

Such software stops malware attacks by warning the user when they try and open an untrusted website.


A Graymail software archives all the unwanted emails. However, it may not necessarily archive spam. An example is a newsletter.

Message Filters

Such filters give users the option to receive and send emails at a specified time. This enables the users to archive the unwanted emails themselves by checking all the emails on their own.

Below mentioned are some of the tools that you can consider:

  • Sunbelt Software Exchange Archiver
  • ZyLAB ZyImage Information Access Platform
  • AXS-One AXS-Link
  • Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • Barracuda Networks Barracuda Message Archiver

Although you have to brainstorm before making a final decision, choose the one that suits the needs of your organization. Even if one needs it for their personal use, they must think about what they actually need in terms of email archiving solution, and then make a decision.

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Final Words

Before you pick a particular software, you should focus on email archiving solutions comparison. This is essential so that one does not make the wrong decision. Once you make the comparison, you will understand whether it is right to continue with the appliance that you have selected. Hence, make sure to read, analyze, research, and then choose the one that suits all your requirements.

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