On-Premise Email Archiving Solutions: Should Your Enterprise Go For It?

An on-premise email archiving solution, otherwise known as an independent apparatus, is an in-house mechanism for archiving emails, i.e., storing all messages in a secure and organized way in a filed database, making them easily accessible when required. On the other hand, a cloud-based email archiving solution is a service offered by external agencies.

The functions of storage and retrieval of the emails, including the infrastructure required, are provided by such organizations for a charge. The storage is done in a remote, verified cloud ecosystem. Such comprehensive services, including many value-added services besides email storage, are also called exchange archiving solutions.

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Why Is Email Archiving Essential?

Email archiving solutions are distinctive services and not merely limited to backing up or placing messages or emails in storage space. It includes putting together your messages well-compiled, either in the cloud or on-premise, in a protected domain. It implies the messages can’t be altered or erased, yet they can be accessed and viewed. Email archiving solutions are useful in many ways:

  • Archiving causes you to remain compliant with regulations by keeping a correspondences record and helps you out in unforeseen situations.
  • It can help in legal cases where you need some record of correspondence.
  • It can assist you with recovering information, dealing with your IP, and increasing efficiency.
  • It can have features of protecting your information from vulnerabilities.

Uses Of On-Premise Email Archiving Solution

The significant motivation behind why tech organizations stick to on-premise apparatuses is that they are in complete control of the archiving process and, all the more critically, the information that dwells in the archived database.

With the on-premise archiving solution, you have total control, authority, and obligation to characterize what is archived, where to store it, and how to authorize or limit access to archived information resources.

In all actuality, some organizations have expertise in on-premise solutions and have consummated both their frameworks and specialized help, thus slashing down expenses. However, there are a few issues you have to confront when you opt for on-premise archiving solutions such as:

  1. Numerous inheritance formalities for products that haven’t been refreshed in years.
  2. Arrangements, especially those of infrastructure, that are getting hard to keep up.
  3. Inadequately structured and complex frameworks of an information system that requires extensive setup and management time.

Nevertheless, 60% of tech drives still put personal email archive software before the cloud. This is because an on-premise email archiving solution comparison with the cloud-based email archive appliance shows that you have full oversight, authority, and duty to characterize what is chronicled, where to store it, and how to sanction or deny access privileges to the archive system and the documented information therein.

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cloud email archiving

Advantages Of On-Premise Email Archiving Solutions

Below are some of the benefits of utilizing the on-premise concept.


  • It has unwavering convenience and security.
  • This solution is known to be more useful in the case of the medium as well as small businesses.
  • The performance of the appliance can be controlled by a team of experts that remain on the enterprise premises. Thus, one can follow up with them quite easily.
  • Tight coordination with email servers and LDAP customization capacities.
  • Less expensive than the cloud-based software.
  • Everything is located on-site, which makes it easier to keep a check on the technicalities of the software.
  • Organizations can choose to hire professionals who deal with such an apparatus that can help them save the cost as compared to outsourcing.

Final Words

To summarise, there are as many hindrances to the implementation of the on-premise archiving solution as there are advantages. There is a developing consensus that they’re obsolete and pointlessly complicated, too. However, many organizations still stick to on-premise email archiving compared to a cloud email archiving solutions considering the conveniences.

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