Combating Spam Emails: Anti Spam Cloud Services for Robust Information Security

Cloud spam filters work by acting as a portal through which all the incoming emails pass to reach the inbox. With evolving technology and an increase in the cybersecurity threat level, cybercriminals are always searching for ways to surpass the spam filters somehow. Anti-spam cloud filters are up to date and recognize these spam emails despite attempting to shroud them as legitimate.

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Advantages of Cloud Spam Filter Service

More robust spam detection saves time and increases the productivity of an enterprise. There are certain advantages of cloud spam filters.


  • Because they are entirely online ventures, there is no requirement to install any extra hardware or software. Thus, cloud-based filters save memory and mean that the spam filter is not affected by the system conditions itself. It also avoids the extra costs and complications of setting up a different email spam filter.
  • There is no additional requirement of any setup or licenses for this spam filtering service, which gives it a definite edge over its counterparts. It has minimum maintenance.
  • Some straightforward change in email settings is usually the only thing required to enable cloud spam filtering. These cloud filtering services also contain viruses and malware blockers to keep the computer system protected from phishing threats, commonly sent through spam emails.

Elimination of The Quarantine System and Other Provisions

Because of the many edges that these cloud-based spam filters have over traditional ones, it is considered one of the best enterprise spam filters to keep an organization safe from spam emails.


  • Since the entire basis of this service is online spam filtering protection, there is no need to create quarantine to store the spam emails. It leads to efficient and easy junk mail management.
  • Cloud services also contain both outbound and inbound spam filtering. Thus, when used over time, its accuracy increases in identifying sources of spam emails with more efficiency.
  • Many cloud spam filtering solutions also provide an arrangement of emails to make them flow without any hassle and make communication faster and more efficient.
  • Some of the best spam filters provide all the above advantages along with email archiving, secure mail encryption, email continuity, advanced threat protection, URL, and attachment defense that work in a tandem to lower the rate of false positives.
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The Multi-Angled approach of Anti-Spam Cloud Filters

Cloud-based filter services are now highly sought after because of the multi-angled filtering approach they follow:

Domain Name Server Blackhole Lists (DNSBLs)

The filter verifies the domain address of the sent email and compares it with the IP addresses of known spam senders. These are then rejected or spammed.

Recipient Verification protocols

The recipient addresses of incoming emails are also verified to make sure that they are legitimate.

Sender Policy Frameworks

It includes checking domain names to ensure that the sender’s address of the incoming email is legitimate and not a mere hoax, thus reducing phishing emails.

Content Analysis Tools

This method allocates a particular spam score to the incoming email. It is done by examining the entire contents of the email, including the header, the body, and the footnote.

For selecting a spam filter that best suits an enterprise, several things need to be considered, such as utility and pricing. Cloud spam filter pricing varies according to the number of features, the efficiency, and support that a cloud spam filter service has. There are several free trials that one can avail to determine the perfect cloud spam filter service to suit individual needs.

Although other filters exist, the cloud-based filter allows for a much more straightforward and cost-practical usage. They are also easier to update and maintain. Since the entire process is online, the organization’s CPU is not burdened with the extra task of filtering out the spam emails. Thus, anti-spam cloud services result in more effective filtering and no negative impact on the enterprise’s productivity.

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