Factors Organizations Must Consider While Comparing The Cloud Spam Filter Pricing

In simple words, the cloud spam filter is an application that works with the primary objective to protect the user from a high level of unwanted and unsolicited spam and malicious software. There is minimum capital outlay in it as the cloud spam filter pricing is nominal, and the maintenance charges are also meager as compared to the on-premise email spam filter. Even the implementation process of this online spam filtering service is swift and convenient. The service provider of the anti spam cloud service keeps the blacklist database as well as the software up to date.

When it comes to its compatibility with the operating system of the organization, then the user doesn’t have to worry about it as it is universally scalable and compatible with every operating system. As it is cloud-based, no limitation is imposed on the number of users that can establish a connection with the software. The updated database helps the software to provide a high rate of spam detection and reduce the risk of email-based threats. Here are some factors a user must take into account while looking at the cloud spam filter pricing

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Factors That Decide Cloud Spam Filter Pricing

Organizations must only invest in the best enterprise spam filters to keep their employees’ mailboxes free from spam. But for SMEs, the budget can be a significant constraint as they generally don’t have a dedicated cybersecurity department. However, measures such as adopting a third-party spam filtering service can go a long way in keeping malicious actors at bay, and that’s why they must consider the below-mentioned factors while looking for a robust cloud spam filtering service

Continuity in Emailing Service

One of the major drawbacks of using the on-premise spam filtering solutions is that in case of a network outage or server failure, the emails cannot be sent and are kept in a queue, which restricts the continuity of emailing service. Using a cloud spam filter, one can conveniently access the email data in the webmail console and can check, respond, as well as send emails directly from the console resulting in continuity of email service.

No Possibility Of Server Failure

If you are using an in-house email spam filter, then the server failure can halt the filtering process. However, in a cloud spam filter, the service provider, which takes care of the filtering process, will continue the process as it puts into use several systems and servers which work 24/7 across many data centers ensuring the highest level of scalability and reliability.

Outbound Along With Inbound Spam Filtering

What does every organization want from good spam filtering solutions? The simple answer is to restrict the entry of the spam emails from entering the mailboxes of the users. This type of service is known as inbound spam filtering. However, one should note that the service providers of cloud spam filters also offer outbound spam filtering service as well.

Automatic Spam Email Report

The work of the employees becomes easy if they automatically get an update of a summary of spam or suspicious emails and can take suitable action without needing the help of the IT department. This task can be possible by employing an excellent antispam cloud solution.

Management of Detained Spam

A good service provider of a cloud spam filter will provide the facility to the user to individually manage the detained spam. This feature empowers the employees to keep a check on the detained spam emails for any legitimate email, which might be mistakenly spammed during the filtering process.

Use of Latest Technology

Cloud-based email spam filter makes the use of the latest and emerging cloud technology available to keep the risk of spamming to its minimum. The specialists continuously monitor and update the software so that the latest trending type of spam can be filtered with ease. Along with the high level of security, the traffic on the server is also managed to free up any load on the server.

The cloud-based spam filtering services or solutions are one of the most efficient ways of preventing spam from entering the user’s inbox. There is no requirement of hardware or software and no maintenance cost with these services, which makes it possible to keep cloud spam filter pricing as low as possible. Undoubtedly, cloud-based filters are a boon for small and medium-scale enterprises and businesses!

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