A Guide For Choosing The Best Enterprise Spam Filter

Several factors determine the effectiveness of an email spam filter. It includes, but is not limited to, authentication methods, sender policy frameworks, recipient verification types, and several mechanisms. However, the feature which distinguishes best from the rest is the ease of use.

Enterprises look for solutions that are easy to set up, with a straightforward application of filtering parameters. But, there are other considerations, too, when choosing the best enterprise spam filter.

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Features of Good Spam Filtering Solutions

The best enterprise spam filter is the one that offers real-time and virus protection. This way, it will block all the unwanted and unsafe emails from reaching your inbox. An efficient solution will provide the following features

  • It is easy to use and versatile to manage a large number of emails received by an established business.
  • It has granular controls.
  • It is developed with the latest and advanced technology to detect and report spam emails.
  • It also works like antivirus software and protects your mail server from viruses.
  • It shows real-time spam filtering and should be suitable for Windows computer and Android or iOS mobile phones.
  • It comes with an outbound scanning feature. Spam and virus can appear in the outbound mail if malware is present in it. The outbound scanning feature will rectify this.

Cloud-Based Spam Filter – A Cost-effective Solution

The cloud-based email spam filters are among the best options for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). It is comparatively more straightforward to use than the software and hardware-based email filters and is a cost-effective tool for businesses. It allows organizations to connect their mail servers to an online spam filtering service.

While in hardware and software-based filters, IT teams have to take care of maintenance and update them regularly, anti-spam cloud filters offer the latest updates and patches frequently. For using the cloud spam filter, businesses need to make a few changes in the mail exchange record. Its policies can be adjusted as per your preferences.

Talking about cloud spam filter pricing, while the initial investment may be high in a cloud-based solution, it makes up with the reduced maintenance and up-gradation costs.

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Benefits of a Robust Online Spam Filtering Solution

To improve efficiency and protect the business from any online risk, administrators must take advantage of the spam filtering solutions. Below are some of the benefits of enterprise spam filtering:

Protects Against Viruses

Spam emails are commonly used for marketing purposes, but they can also carry harmful files if the malicious actor intends to rob you of your identity or money. Merely a click on a wrong email can put your company’s confidential business data at risk as well. An efficient spam filter will provide a firewall to protect against these threats.

Saves Time

If organizations opt for online spam filtering, it can save them a lot of time, and help improve the productivity of employees, who might have to skim through tens and hundreds of emails every day. The spam filter will do the job for them.

Prevents Hacking

No matter if you are running a big or a small enterprise, your systems are equally prone to cyber-attacks. Malicious actors can access your network through a spam email, and you might not even realize it. The inbound spam filtering will protect you against hacking by blocking the spam emails from reaching your inbox.

Customized Services

The email spam filter gets customized according to business needs. Using it, users can create a blacklist and include those email addresses that often send them spam. On the other hand, they can create a whitelist of email addresses that are important for the business.

With email-based threats rising rapidly, now is the best time to ensure that the confidential business resources are protected. An efficient spam filter keeps improving continuously by collecting data and analyzing it securely. Hence, it is always prepared to identify and thwart new patterns and threats. The smart technology ensures that the spam gets eliminated before it reaches the network. Well, these are a few reasons why it makes sense to get the best enterprise spam filter!

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