Personal Email Archive Software – The Proper Management Of Sensitive Emails

As the size of the enterprise grows, the volume of the emails also increases. The storage requirement of emails becomes one of the primary concerns of an organization, as there are legal obligations as well, to retain the emails for a distinct period.

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What Is Personal Email Archive Software? Why Is It So Important?

A personal email archive software can be a productive tool that enables the employees to move the emails from the mailboxes to a secured storage location and lower the load of the email server. The emails moved to archive storage can easily be retrieved whenever required and is easy to manage too.

There are several other reasons for using email archiving solutions:


  • The email archiving solutions open source makes it possible for you to stay below the quota limit of your mailbox.
  • The email program you are using works better because the on-premise email archiving solutions optimize the speed as well as the consumption of the memory.
  • By using the cloud-based email archiving solutions, organizations can store critical and sensitive emails safely in the cloud.
  • By proper storage of email, it can fulfill the compliance requirements too.
  • The costs of litigation, e-discovery, can be reduced using the personal email archive software.
  • The data is saved for an extended period.
  • Handling the emails and its management becomes convenient with the use of email archiving solutions.
  • Emails are easy to retrieve with a single click.

What To Look For While Selecting A Personal Email Archive Software?

One should keep in mind the following software features while making an email archiving solutions comparison:

Easy To Use Search Engine

The email archiving solutions must offer you simple to use an email search engine for convenience and flexibility. Whenever you want the content of a specific email, then that email can easily be retrieved from the archive storage, in seconds, using the search engine.

The search engine must have a feature to search from several criteria and is capable of searching through pdf files and word attachments. If the search results show the long list of emails, then there should be an option of sub-search to search a specific email within the search results to narrow down the list of emails.

eDiscovery Assistance

One of the most necessary features that a personal email archive software must have is that it should guarantee an archiving facility that is tamper-proof. One of the significant reasons to archive emails is to protect them from any manipulation, deletion, misuse, or theft. This feature is necessary for the authenticity of the emails as evidence in the law court.

The requirement to preserve some emails for more than the standard retention time is there during litigation, investigation, and audit, as the legal-hold of an email is essential.

The feature of long-term retention of email conversation is vital as the compliance and legal officers require the emails until a legal proceeding is going on.

Advance Indexing Facility

Whenever an email is stored using archiving software, it is stored following a set criterion. A list of terms is created by the system, which is used later for search criteria. Standard approaches for searching an email are the subject of the email, name of the sender as well as the receiver, etc. Also, an excellent indexing facility must include the search criterion such as attachments, conversations, size of the message, and the size of the enclosure. The advance indexing feature allows the user to search more quickly and even improves the eDiscovery support by rapidly finding the records which are of legal importance.

Customization Per Compliance Policy

There are different compliance policies set by the government for the industry regulation concerning the retention of emails. Good archiving software allows the user to customize and automate the software as per a particular policy. Not only this, the elimination of human errors, as well as prevention of tempering, should also be facilitated by the software. Whenever the retention period expires, the emails are futile for regulatory purposes. It will also free up space for more emails to come in.

Authorized Access

The email archiving software must have the feature to allow the access of authorized users only to extract the emails from the archive, whenever required. This feature enables authorized users to work smoothly without needing the assistance of any IT staff.

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Final Words

Whether you have just started your business or running an already established business, email archiving is an essential tool to have for your enterprise or organization. So, select the ideal personal email archive software by keeping in mind the points mentioned above and enjoy the secure storage and management of your precious emails.

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