All You Need To Know About Unlimited Email Hosting And Its Core Benefits

Hosted email services play a significant role in catering to the special requirements of high-email-traffic, Small & Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). They provide organizations with the much needed customized email address with their own domain name. Similarly having personal email hosting also gives businesses a professional makeover with an email address that defines and stands for what their objectives are as an organization and help build customer trust the company.

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What Are The Types Of Email Hosting Services Available?

Email Account that comes with Shared Web Hosting: This refers to the email account that comes free with the subscription to a shared hosting account.

Third-party email hosting: Third party email hosting is distinguished from the web hosting account and comes for a monthly/annual or one-off subscription fee. This professional email hosting service renders reliable and consistent support throughout.

Email Server by the Self: These are the email servers that can be built by an organization or individual themselves to save money and are usually adopted as a small business email hosting measure.

What Is Unlimited Email Hosting?

When you buy a business email, it is always better to go for the ones who provide unlimited email hosting. Since these come with a lot of perks, they are desirable for any business set up. Some of the advantages provided by unlimited email hosting are:


  • One gets a permanent email address that becomes the identity and face of a business setup.
  • As the name suggests, these hosting solutions come with unlimited data transfer, domain, and storage space.
  • They also come with inbuilt calendars and address books to help an enterprise plan their future events better and in a more organized fashion.
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Who Are The Main Unlimited Email Hosting Service Providers?

Email hosting services usually come for a subscription fee, but there are several top-rated cheap email hosting solutions which are not only efficient and reliable but also affordable for organizations on a tight budget:

  • A2 Hosting
  • Bluehost
  • InMotion
  • iPage
  • SiteGround

Apart from these, there is also some free email hosting providers available that may provide a few features less but work fine nonetheless:

  • Zoho Mail
  • GMX Mail
  • Yandex Mail
  • Migadu
  • Gmail with ImprovMX

Once you decide on one unlimited email hosting provider, it’s an easy ride after that.

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