Some Of The Best Free Email Hosting Providers You Know, You Can Trust!

Email is the most convenient way of communication for all types of businesses. Every organization needs a custom email ID for their official conversations with the clients. So, selecting a hosted email service based on the organization’s requirements is one primary necessity.

It may be difficult for some businesses to buy business email plans due to budget constraint; below, you will find a list of the best hosting services from free email hosting providers.

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The Best Services From Free Email Hosting Providers

The following is a list of the best free email hosting services:

GMX Mail

GMX Mail is one of the most powerful free solutions with custom domain offer. Its unlimited inbox size and the ability to send up to 50 MB as attachments are almost unheard of from any free email hosting provider. The abilities to set auto responses, import contacts from Facebook, and set reminders on its inbuilt calendar are other nifty, convenient features. GMX Mail also has a handy mobile app with far fewer advertisements than the web-based client.

There’s a con to using GMX Mail, and that’s that the web-based client has a lot of advertisements.


A clean and customizable email client, Yandex.Mail is an excellent small business email hosting option. Users can create up to 1000 individual accounts with their custom domain, with each account having an unlimited inbox space and a free 10 GB cloud storage. Users can send an attachment of 25 MB through their Yandex.Mail accounts; conveniently, any attachment over this size limit is automatically uploaded to, and sent as download links, from the cloud. Another feature worth mentioning here is the ability to combine several Yandex.Mail accounts into one inbox, which cancels the need for a separate email forwarding service.

A downside to using Yandex.Mail is that the service offers a rather weak mail filtering options.

Zoho Email Hosting

Zoho provides cheap email hosting as well as a free personal email hosting service. The free plan offers 25 mailboxes with 5 GB per user, and the maximum attachment size that users can send is 20 MB. We recommend Zoho’s free hosting service for small businesses whose number of employees is likely to stay below 25.

While Zoho Mail is excellent as a free solution, it may fall short of some organizations’ requirements; it doesn’t have saved search feature, smart filters, and auto-reply options.

While these are excellent free hosted email services, they may not meet the requirements of many organizations. In that case, you can always buy business email services with features like unlimited email hosting, email archiving, smart filters, etc.

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