Why You Need To Buy Business Email And How Will It Help Your Business

People looking forward to starting their own business will search for a suitable name for their business, create a unique logo, and build a website for their business. Apart from this, there is one more thing left, which is creating a business email address. Yes, will anyone agree to have their company URL something like mycompany.wordpress.com? The answer would be a big “No” because everyone wants to have a professional business URL. For such scenarios, hosted email services are the best way to go forward rather than using a Yahoo or Gmail address. Take a look at the reasons every business needs to buy business email.

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Free Email Looks Unprofessional

Even though there are many free email hosting providers, they are not as reliable as the paid services. No one can argue that Gmail is unreliable, but would it be professional to give a business email with a Gmail or Yahoo tag to a client?

Small business email hosting doesn’t cost a fortune, and when you don’t have a unique business email address with your domain, your clients may start wondering why you cannot invest a nominal cost to get a business email and instead opt for a free or cheap email hosting. Such a practice could work against a business.

Hosting Plans Come With Free Business Emails

Yes, most of the hosting companies provide one or two business emails for free, but not many know about this and still have the opinion that business emails are costly to maintain. But the fact is that when you buy a hosting plan, you have already paid for a free business email. You only have to take advantage of this freebie and create your business email.

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Setup Your Own Email Naming Conventions

Another benefit of owning an exclusive business email address and one of the reasons for you to buy business email is that you can set your unique business email names. For example, a small business owner by the name of Michael sets his email address as m@mike’scompany.com, so that anyone who knows his name and his company name need not search for a business card to find the address. You are less likely to miss out on prospects, too.

You’re Always In Control

Another critical aspect of personal email hosting is that enterprises are always in control of their business emails and those of their employees. In organizations where employees have to use their email addresses, it is difficult for the business to keep a close watch on those emails.

The bottom line is that you have almost no excuse not to buy business email for your enterprise, especially when numerous email providers are offering unlimited email hosting plans for a nominal cost.


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