Best Email Forwarding Service And Features To Be Considered While Selecting One

Imagine a scenario wherein your business requires you to maintain multiple email accounts, but you have no time to bounce from account to account, especially if your accounts are on different domains. The solution is simple: use an email forwarding service. The best email forwarding services are even capable of domain email forwarding or forwarding emails across different domains.

One scenario where email forwarding is an invaluable tool for organizations is when there are too many emails that one receives; it is challenging to reply or even read all of them. Here, also, enterprises can use mailing forwarding service to automatically forward the collected emails to any employee whom they assign to accept and work on the emails on behalf of the original addressee. Delegation is key to a successful business, and this is where a majority of big organizations uses email forwarding services.


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The Best Email Forwarding Service

Many service providers offer email forwarding facilities. If a person manages different domain names and requires funneling all the emails to one inbox, this service becomes crucial. The best part is that when the person replies to the forwarded email, the email originator gets the reply from the address to which he or she had sent in the first place. The message displays the original email ID in the ‘from’ tab.

Although several companies offer this service, the best and one of the most popular email forwarder is Forward Email.

Features To Be Considered In A Best Email Forwarding Service

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It is free of cost

Nothing can be better than a free email forwarding service, especially if it is a reliable and robust one. While many providers offer this tool at a nominal fee, it does not charge anything from their users. While it may no doubt be the best free email forwarding service, it also should rank very high on the list of the best email forwarding services.

It does not collect any data

The primary concern of any enterprise is the security of its data, and no one wants their email repository to be registered on an external website. This best email forwarding service does not store any logs of emails that users forward to a different domain via their services.

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It is fully transparent

It may use open-source, and as it happens in some cases, Github users can access the code that has been deployed to the server to check if any data has been stored on the website of Email forwarding service provider. This open-source feature makes it a transparent service, and hence, completely trustworthy.

It uses encryption for data protection

With such services, there is a chance that a third-party may try and access the forwarded email; this is why it uses data encryption that encrypts the data before sending it. Even if a third-party somehow gets access to the email, it will not be able to open the email or exploit the information due to the encryption. This is one of the features that make this kind of email service provider the best email forwarding service.

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It allows forwarding of email to multiple recipients

One does not need to struggle to forward the received email if they want to send it to various users in the same domain. The requirement is to modify the DNS TXT records on the server, and the email can then be sent to multiple users at the same time.

It protects from spammers

The developers of this email forwarding server employ email security best practices to ensure that spammers do not access the forwarded emails. These include testing against DNSBL, using clients like SpamAssassin, checking SPF/DKIM records, FQDN, and various other techniques.

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