Email Pricing for SMTP Providers

The ROI from email marketing is a whopping 3,800%, so it’s no surprise that companies pour money into their email campaigns. But if yours isn’t at the stage where you can do so, you probably want to find the cheapest way possible to carry out your email blasts.

Third-party SMTP server providers are great when you want to send out high volumes of emails at affordable prices. In this article, we’ll take a look at why you should use a provider and what email pricing is available.

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Why use SMTP server providers?

You may think that because you already have an email address, that will be sufficient for your campaigns. But using your own address is cumbersome, since you have to send each email out one by one. Plus, your messages will easily get marked as spam when they’re not unique.

An SMTP service provider takes care of those problems for you. Not only is it capable of sending a large number of emails out at once, but it can also get you better deliverability. Their servers are trusted by domains, so your sending reputation remains excellent, resulting in successfully delivered emails.

Use a free SMTP provider

If you’d like a free option, consider an SMTP relay host like Gmail. They offer 100 free emails per day with their free SMTP server, which is more than enough for some organizations. It doesn’t hurt to start with a free SMTP server provider; you can figure out just how many emails your business needs without having to pay.

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Straightforward email pricing for packages

When you look at the SMTP pricing for SMTP relay service providers, it should be pretty straightforward. Each package will tell you how many emails you get per month, how much it costs, and sometimes, it’ll also say if it’s on a shared or dedicated IP.

Get extra protection

A major advantage of paying for SMTP as a service is you can get protection from phishing and spoofing. These are two serious problems that can drag down your sending reputation. If your reputation drops, not only will your emails not get delivered properly, but it’ll also be hard to build back up again.

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