How to Get a Free SMTP Server

Using a good SMTP server can make all the difference between success and failure for your email campaigns. But understandably, your business may not have the budget for a large-scale SMTP server yet.

Here’s how to get a free SMTP server so you don’t have to worry about email marketing while your company is growing.

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Use Google’s free SMTP server

Google has a free SMTP server available where you can relay a small number of emails. For organizations that have email blasts with a modest amount of recipients, 100 emails per day can be adequate for their marketing purposes.

You can also use this free SMTP relay server to familiarize yourself with how to set up your emails with one. By doing so, you won’t risk a paid subscription and will know how to set one up adeptly once you upgrade.

Find free trials

Although not a long-term solution, you can use free trials for SMTP servers if necessary. Not only can you take care of your urgent email campaigns, but you can also get a feel for whether or not you like that particular server.

Many SMTP service providers offer free trials lasting a week or two; all you have to do is a quick Google search to find them. The best thing about these free trials is that you’re under no obligation to commit to a subscription after the trial period is up.

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Consider upgrading

You’re going to want to preserve your excellent sending reputation so you can continue to run successful email campaigns. If your domain or IP address gets blacklisted, you won’t be able to do so.

Once your organization has a decent budget, think about using a paid SMTP as a service that not only gives you more emails, but also safeguards against spoofing and phishing. Should either happen to you, it can lower your sender reputation significantly, and in turn, cause your emails to be filtered as spam.

So invest in your company’s future by upgrading to a reputable third-party SMTP relay service provider as soon as your budget can accommodate it.

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