See Better Deliverability Rates With SMTP Relay Service

Have you ever tried to use your email provider to send out messages in your email campaign? Then you’ll know how frustrating it is to send them out, one by one. Also, since every email is the same, they may either bounce back or be marked as spam.

SMTP relay service can help you combat deliverability problems. In this article, we’ll explain how an SMTP relay service works to make your email campaigns successes.

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How does an SMTP relay service work?

The acronym SMTP means “Simple Message Transfer Protocol,” which is the mode of transportation your emails take to go from you to your recipients. In that case, the SMTP server would be the driver, since it looks at the email details and delivers them accordingly.

SMTP relay service is when you utilize the services of an SMTP service provider. Basically, they send emails for you on their SMTP server. This has its advantages because you can send bulk and transactional emails from a server with an established reputation, all without having to set up and pay for your own server.

So how can SMTP relay service give you better deliverability rates? Here, we list some key ways it helps you reach your KPIs.

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Maintain a good sending reputation

Your sending reputation is what determines whether or not your emails make it to inboxes. If you try to send one generic email to multiple recipients, your domain and IP address will quickly get blacklisted.

Once you’re blacklisted, you’ll have a poor sending reputation, meaning your emails will be seen as spam. Since SMTP email providers already have good reputations and high cap limits compared to your email provider, your reputation will stay safe when using them.

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Keep spoofing at bay

When cybercriminals spoof your emails, that can wreck your sending reputation. As a result, your deliverability rate can fall dramatically.

Some managed SMTP as a service offer both anti-spoofing and anti-phishing protection. With these two features, you can keep deliverability high. As a bonus, you can also keep sensitive data of yours and your clients safe.

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