Spear Phishing Best Practices

They always say it’s better to prevent than to treat when it comes to diseases and medicine.

When it comes to cybersecurity, the same concept applies. It’s much easier to prevent cybercriminals from breaching your defenses than to clean up the mess they make.

In this article, we share some spear phishing best practices to help you on how to prevent phishing and your employees avoid attacks.

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Don’t click on links

With spear phishing attacks, they’re highly convincing because the scammers have done their research on you. You might think you received an email from a colleague or vendor, but it’s actually not from them.

To practice good cybersecurity, treat every email as suspicious, even the ones you’re sure are legitimate. It’s just one extra step to type the domain name into the browser yourself and log in directly, so do that for every case possible. By doing so, you’ll completely avoid visiting phishing site or clicking malicious links.

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Confirm appointments through other means

Again, scammers have information on you, so they can craft very believable emails. If you receive any requests for you to confirm appointments or cancellations, try contacting the sender in other ways, such as by phone. If the request is genuine, then you can still take action via the phone call.

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Prevent spoofing

These three measures should be put in place by your IT department:

Combine those with spear phishing prevention software for maximum protection; it can identify spoofed emails and intercept them on both your computer and mobile device.

Use these spear phishing best practices in your office

Introduce these phishing awareness training to your workplace. Fending off spear phishing attacks is a team effort; one weak link can compromise company data. Make sure everyone knows what to implement and what to do if they suspect an email is a phishing attempt.

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