Points To Keep In Mind While Selecting The Right SPF Record Generator For Your Business Domain

SPF records allow users to create a set of rules that would filter out any unwanted or malicious emails from entering the user’s mailbox. The user will define which IP address is authorized to send an email with the SPF record generator.

SPF record generator would create a TXT record file that can be stored into the domain server to filter the incoming emails. It would also allow the user to create a new record and check/modify their existing SPF record syntax.


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Selecting The Right SPF Record Generator For Your Domain

There are several SPF record generators available online. Therefore it is vital to identify which SPF record generator would be the best suitable for the user’s needs. Here are the few key parameters and features that one should be looking for in their SPF record generator

Easy setup questions

An ideal SPF record generator would allow the users to quickly set up their SPF record by answering several questions in an easy language. Users can easily understand what they need to add, and they can list all the different domains from which they might be receiving their email addresses. Some SPF record generators would ask for such details without any proper SPF record example or explanation, which would make the process erroneous and inefficient.

Ability to generate and export a TXT record

A TXT record would allow the user to directly upload and set up the SPF record into their domain. A single domain may only have a single TXT record, allowing the user to accept or reject particular emails. Domain service SPF records such as GoDaddy SPF record, Office 365 SPF record would enable the users to export their TXT record.

Identify if the domain can send the emails

The SPF record generator should allow the user to identify or choose if their domain can send emails or not. If the domain can send emails via the IPv4 or IPv6 addresses, then it will set the mechanism accordingly in the record.

Integrate DMARC and DKIM

A combination of DMARC, DKIM, and SPF record provides the best email authentication set up to the users to ensure that no spam, phishing, or malicious email can pass through the system. The SPF record generator should allow the provision to implement DMARC & DKIM along with the SPF record.

Ability to check the current SPF record

The SPF record generator should allow the users to verify and test their existing SPF record, which they have implemented. This feature would enable the user to perform the SPF record check from time and again to update their security measures as per the need.

Provision to modify the generated SPF record

A good SPF record generator would allow the users to directly see the resulting SPF record based on their choice of rules. Some of the SPF records generators might even enable advanced users to directly modify the generated SPF record for further customization upon the review, which would be an excellent option for someone with the right knowledge of SPF record syntax.

Breakdown of the generated SPF record

It should also help users understand the final TXT record with the help of spf record breakdown of different mechanisms and qualifiers that are used to filter incoming emails. It will allow the user to identify and amend if there are any mistakes.

Error-free SPF record generation & validation

The user cannot afford any mistakes in SPF record generation or validation. Therefore it is essential to verify that the selected record the generator has an outstanding reputation and popular track record to rely on it.

Using The SPF Record Generator The Correct Way

Any error in setting up the SPF record generator would result in inefficient filtering of the emails or loss of some critical emails being filtered. It is crucial to ensure that all the reliable IP addresses are set up so that all the emails from those senders can pass the SPF record check. The user especially has to authorize all the IPs if the user is relying on numerous third-party vendors to send emails.

It is important to remember that if the email service provider is making changes to their infrastructure, then the user would also have to make changes accordingly into the SPF record format. As such, any efficient SPF record generator should allow the user to add or remove IPs very easily and optimize their SPF records.

It would be the right choice to go with the most popular and proven SPF record generator for email security against and spamming and spoofing. Therefore one has to always look out for all the given parameters and find the best suitable SPF record generator as per their needs. An efficient SPF record generator should be able to create significant value for the user’s money.

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