How To Get All The Email Marketing Features You Need At The Best Possible SMTP Server Price

Being familiar with E-commerce is essential for the success of any business in today’s digital age. According to a Statistica report, almost $2.5 trillion worth of sales were carried out online in 2017. This figure is forecasted to rise to $4.5 trillion by 2021. The success of these ventures depends mainly on proper marketing in general and email marketing in particular. To have a winning email marketing campaign, enterprises need to employ experienced copywriters to write emails and buy SMTP services to ensure these emails get delivered to their intended recipients. Different users have different needs, and this article helps match features you need with the SMTP server price that is within your budget.

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Why Is It Necessary To Buy SMTP Server For Email Campaigns That Require Bulk Mailing?

The need to buy SMTP server for email marketing arises because the SMTP servers commonly used for sending daily messages such as those belonging to services provided by Google and Yahoo have non-dedicated IP addresses. This fact means that the emails sent by one individual can become linked with IP addresses used by people who send spam. This association can negatively affect the email marketing campaigns and lead to emails not getting delivered. Also, such servers have limitations on the number of emails that you can send and are not conducive to even mid-sized campaigns. It is thus better to pay the SMTP server price needed for getting a reliable commercial SMTP server.

How To Choose The Correct Kind Of SMTP Service For Your Email Marketing Campaign?

There are several kinds of services available with different features, pros, and cons. The SMTP server price of each type of service is different. You should balance the features you need with the available budget. An SMTP service should be secure, deliver emails reliably, and have a reasonable price.

The various options of SMTP services available are-

  1. A Free, open-source SMTP server.
  2. SMTP Services provided by hosting companies.
  3. ISP (Internet Service Provider) provided SMTP servers.
  4. Commercial SMTP servers.
  5. Self-Hosted SMTP Server.
  6. Dedicated Private SMTP Servers.

Let us talk about the different SMTP services available, their pros and cons, and the estimated price.

Free SMTP Server

Free SMTP servers are commonly used to send and receive personal emails. Enterprises that are bootstrapping and short on cash can use free SMTP servers. Enterprises should, however, buy SMTP services as soon as possible as there are several cons associated with using an open-source SMTP server, these are-

  • Delay In Messages Reaching Recipients – These servers often queue up their emails to reduce the burden on their capacity.
  • High Chances Of Getting Blocked By Server – Free SMTP servers are often intended only to send personal emails and are not for bulk use. Exceeding predetermined limits can result in temporary blocks or permanent bans to clients using the server.
  • Non Delivery Of Messages – Messages sent using such servers often don’t get delivered. Messages sent might also get flagged as spam by the recipient’s inbox. Also, there is no way of making out if messages have been delivered or not.

SMTP Services Provided by Hosting Companies

Hosting companies provide web hosting servers that enable enterprises and users to run their websites. Using the SMTP services of your web host is convenient, adds professionalism, reduces the possibility of being flagged as spam, allows you to send mass emails, and provides more bandwidth.

A good SMTP host provides these features –

  • High limits on outgoing messages.
  • Unlimited email data storage.
  • User-friendly interface and access to webmail.
  • Provision of tech support to help in configuring your third-party email client.

Hosting SMTP Server Price: The starting prices of services provided by different hosting companies range from $1 to $3.99 per month.

Tip: You can purchase more features as needed, and so using hosting companies is a scalable option.

ISP Provided SMTP Servers

ISPs often limit the number of emails that can be sent using their servers, which makes them unsuitable for most email marketing campaigns. Also, some ISPs may not provide SMTP servers. Small and mid-sized corporations can send up to 200 emails a day. Larger enterprises can get into exclusive agreements with their ISP if needed.

ISP SMTP Server Price: Generally free with internet service.

Commercial SMTP Servers

Commercial SMTP servers are an excellent option for mid-sized enterprises as they provide many features. Dedicated VPS servers can take some time to set up. However, you can buy SMTP instant activation servers that get activated upon payment.

Features provided by commercial SMTP servers are-

  • Uptime of 99.9% or even higher.
  • Reliable support for SMTP service.
  • You can make use of an extensive mailing contact list and have bulk sending capacity.
  • Other features offered include autoresponders, email forwarding, and so on.

Commercial SMTP Server Price: Prices range from $10/mo for starter plans to $250/mo for enterprise grade plans.

Tip: Some services allow unlimited emails and have different pricing tiers based on the number of subscribers. Other services have prices based on the number of total emails sent. You can choose what kind of plan suits your needs.

Self-Hosted SMTP Server

Running self-hosted SMTP servers using your computer or a VPS (virtual private server) can be an option for tech-savvy people. However, there are some problems attached to this as running an SMTP server has several technicalities involved, including setting up a mail transfer agent, a mail delivery agent, IMAP, and POP3 server, anti-spam filter, antivirus and webmail. Purchasing an affordable commercial or hosting SMTP service might be a better option for people who need to conserve time.

Self-Hosted SMTP Server Price: Self-hosted SMTP servers will cost you around $400 if you buy a new desktop and approx. $10 to $20 in electricity per month.

Dedicated Private SMTP Server

Larger organizations that have extensive mailing lists and need to send thousands or even millions of emails can make use of dedicated private SMTP servers. Such servers often allow sending unlimited emails and allow a sufficiently large number of emails to be sent per hour. It would be best if you looked for SMTP services with good bandwidth, powerful processors for smooth delivery of the emails, good RAM, and a high limit of emails sent per hour.

Dedicated Private SMTP Server Cost: Such servers typically cost between $100 to $800 per month.

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Final Words

Email marketing is essential for success in e-commerce. A winning email marketing campaign needs to use reliable SMTP servers so that emails get delivered to the subscribers. Getting the correct features you need at an affordable SMTP server price can make or break your campaign and so it is recommended to buy SMTP services rather than using the free ones.

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