Manage Inflow And Outflow Of Email Traffic By Deploying Free SMTP Server For Your Business

The Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) is an electronic standard for transmitting e-mails. In layman’s terms, an SMTP server is a computer running SMTP, which acts like the postman. The e-mails get picked up and sent to this server, which takes care of the delivery to the intended recipients. To get a better understanding, one can correlate the SMTP server to the brick and mortar mailing system. E-mail delivery works as an organized system which takes care of your envelope, and it drops it off to the recipient by following a series of steps. The SMTP server will act as the mailman of our conventional system of mailing.

For small entrepreneurs or businesses who have low e-mail handling needs, many service providers offer a free SMTP server. Since the server is free, it comes with its own set of limitations. For example, using Google’s server, any individual can send around 100 e-mails every day or 3000 e-mails per month. SendinBlue, another free SMTP provider, offers 500 e-mails a day in the trial version. An organization which has great marketing and transactional mail requirements can buy SMTP services provided by many vendors.


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What Are The Advantages Of An SMTP Server For Business?

While there are many advantages of deploying a dedicated SMTP server, we are covering the top few:


  1. Reliability: A relevant statistic to measure the reliability of SMTP hosting is the uptime percentage. The percentage of time for which the SMTP server is up and running is called uptime percentage. Since a cloud-based SMTP service uses multiple servers, hackers can’t bring down the entire SMTP service. Thus, it increases the uptime of the server.
  2. Regular Upgrades: For businesses, keeping pace with the rapidly updating technology may not always be possible. Additionally, it may add to the costs of the company. SMTP providers have a strong incentive to keep their services updated for them to perform in top condition.
  3. Easy Setup And Quick Delivery: It is easy to configure the SMTP login and SMTP settings of the server. SMTP offers the simplest form of communication through e-mail messages between various computers in a particular network. Since it is developed on a simple platform, users can send e-mail messages easily and quickly.
  4. Option for Dedicated Servers: Webmail services and ISP’s offer many e-mail delivery services. But, they often lack exclusivity when it comes to mail servers. Thus, Organizations can buy a dedicated SMTP server to handle outgoing e-mail messages.

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A-List Of Some Free SMTP Servers, Along With Their Exclusive Features


Elastic E-mails

  • Elastic emails offers 150,000 free e-mails per month
  • Tools for designer, developer as well as marketer
  • A/X testing


Spark Post

  • Spark Post offers 15,000 emails/month for free
  • Friendly environment for developers
  • 35+ real-time metrics which assess customer engagement, sending, and delivery.



  • Postmark offers up to 100 free e-mails per month.
  • 45 days of content history
  • Advanced user permissions and Two-factor authentication to keep data safe and secure.



  • Mailjet offers 6,000 emails/month for free
  • Easy drag-and-drop e-mail editor
  • Dedicated gallery containing pre-made marketing and transactional templates.
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Gmail – The One-Stop Solution For All E-mail Deliverability Needs

Having a custom domain name helps a business owner create their own identity on the internet. Whether blogging for business or personal, a custom root domain name helps to establish a user’s identity. Domain name registrars offer e-mail services, but the functionalities that they offer are either too basic or too costly for average users. A fact unknown to many people is that an individual is allowed to send and receive e-mails from the custom domains available within Gmail. It is easy to configure and free to use.

Also, large organizations with high volumes of transactional and marketing e-mails can buy SMTP server for e-mail marketing or a G suite e-mail. The G suite may cost around $5 per month, but it offers its users a lot of features.

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What SMTP Server Should You Use?

For businesses looking to buy mail server, there is a vast selection of providers offering a variety of services. They must choose a server with high e-mail deliverability rate.

These servers have two categories:

  • Third-Party SMTP server for business needs: These include the SMTP service providers like SendGrid, SendinBlue, etc.
  • Self-Host SMTP server: This includes setting up the hardware and software within the organization premises.


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For enterprises looking to send mass e-mails, or setting up an e-mail campaign, SMTP servers are a boon. They must deploy a professional, outgoing mail service. They can choose to buy a reliable mail server or go for the free SMTP servers which provide the best of services.

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