Why You Should Buy SMTP Instant Activation Services For Your Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns

In this article, we are going to speak on the importance of SMTP servers and why you should buy SMTP instant activation services for your email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is an essential tool for the success of businesses in the digital era. An effective campaign requires reliable and targeted delivery of outbound emails. This need is where SMTP servers come into the picture.

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is used for sending emails on the internet. An SMTP server can be described as a computer running SMTP that helps users deliver emails reliably to their respective destinations. Using the best SMTP services ensures that your marketing emails reach the right user’s inbox and don’t go undelivered or end up in the junk email folder. This reason is why dedicated businesses should buy SMTP servers.

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The Importance Of Using SMTP Service For WordPress Emails

Several enterprises use WordPress software to build their websites. Most WordPress websites depend heavily on sending emails to complete various tasks. These tasks may include the following purposes-

  • To recover lost passwords.
  • To register a new account.
  • To send a notification for new articles, comments, changes in password, and so on.
  • To send invoices, order confirmations, and delivery information.

However, WordPress also uses a default setting of using the PHP mail function to send emails, and this causes many critical user issues. This setting is the main reason why users complain about problems with sending emails related to WordPress.

Users generally shift from their existing email methods and buy SMTP servers for email marketing because their previous email sending protocol might not have been suited to their needs. Moreover, many hosting providers, including the WordPress Hosting Server, do not have proper configuration to the PHP mail function because of the high chances of people using them for sending spam emails. One of the recommended ways of fixing this problem is buying an SMTP server.

Why Should You Buy SMTP Instant Activation Servers?

SMTP instant activation refers to buying an SMTP server with high email deliverability and quick installation process. Purchasing such a service reduces the hassle of setting up and configuring servers. A free SMTP server may be sufficient, but it restricts users in the number of emails they can send, which may pose a problem if you are doing bulk email marketing or sending transactional emails.

Therefore, all email marketers have a pressing need to sign up with a renowned SMTP service provider that ensures you have adequate email delivery capacity.

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Advantages Of Running SMTP Servers

Most organizations have understood the need to conduct email marketing campaigns regularly. Operating a successful campaign is possible only with the deployment of a proper SMTP server.

Let’s look at some advantages of installing dedicated SMTP services.

Availability of Detailed Reports

Managers of email campaigns need to know the number of emails that have been received, bounced, or delayed. All such necessary information and analytics regarding the email campaign are provided in detailed reports offered by dedicated servers. The SMTP server tools provide informative data that can help determine whether or not to expand the campaign.

No Restrictions

When you buy an SMTP server for email marketing, you will face no restrictions regarding email usage or other related services. With the right subscription package, you can send an unlimited number of emails per day.

Secure Email List

Running a private SMTP server helps keep all your emails safe and protected on a platform that provides complete control. As long as you ensure that your login credentials are secured, all emails under your control are safe within the SMTP server.


Cost-effectiveness is one of the main reasons businesses shift to buying a dedicated SMTP service. The overall cost of sending bulk emails is significantly reduced because of a decreased per email cost of delivery.


The process is hassle-free and also provides a safe platform where you do not receive spam emails. You need not be worried by third party terms and conditions as an efficient SMTP server complies with all rules.

How To Select The Best SMTP Server For Your Email Marketing Needs?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best SMTP service suited to your needs. The different services come with their benefits and limitations. What server you select should depend upon the provider, prices, features, restrictions, and such factors.


You should first check whether the SMTP server price quoted by the provider is reasonable. Focus on buying the service, which covers almost all your required features and is within your budget. An expensive service with lots of features will not be useful if the specified features are not required.

Restrictions On Domain

While buying mail servers, you should also take care of domain restrictions and thus purchase the service with a hosting package. Doing this will let you cope with all problems on email sending you usually experience, especially in hybrid clouds.


Email sending capacity is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. This point is valid even if you are considering purchasing a private SMTP server. The services offered by an SMTP server should cater to all your business needs. For instance, depending upon the type of business you are handling, your SMTP server should have the capacity to send a large number of emails per day.


The SMTP service provider you choose should be reputable and trustworthy. This factor is essential because selecting a well-known service provider leads to fewer chances of your emails going undelivered or ending up in the spam box. Reputable providers are also able to handle redelivery of your email messages.


Check for whether your SMTP server is feature-rich and includes capabilities including real-time delivery reports and selective disperse. These features are especially helpful in sending time-sensitive emails, such as emails offering discounts for a limited period. On the other hand, a real-time delivery function helps businesses launch their email campaigns successfully for their intended audience.

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Final Words

This article should have clarified your questions about SMTP and why it is crucial to buy SMTP instant activation servers. When it comes to email marketing, you cannot have a successful campaign without a scalable and reliable SMTP service. This fact is especially valid while expanding business prospects. The points mentioned above will help when you set out to buy SMTP services for your business or organization.

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