Here’s Why You Should Use Private SMTP Servers For Your Personal & Business Email Needs

Sometimes it becomes necessary to have full control over email lists and other confidential information. This case might arise when privacy and security is a must. Private SMTP servers tend to have significant limits on the number of email clients can send in a day. A better way to ensure security is to buy SMTP servers for private emails. Lucky for customers, today, there are several providers in the market for these. Thus, clients have no reason to settle for an outdated SMTP server, and they also don’t need to cough up a substantial amount of money.

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Free SMTP Servers

Nowadays, there exist high-quality free SMTP servers which can be used by anyone online. We first need to understand that an SMTP server helps to ensure the smooth delivery of emails. SMTP servers rely heavily on simple mail transfer protocol to transmit emails from clients to the recipients.

Most customers erroneously believe that they must purchase an SMTP server to enjoy email marketing. However, as mentioned, there are many free servers for customers. Users should, however, buy SMTP server for email marketing if they want their campaigns to have a significant outreach and high deliverability rates.

Classification Of Private SMTP Servers

All SMTP servers are generally categorized into two classes. These are-

Self-hosted SMTP Servers

These are the servers that require the construction of supportive infrastructure. The infrastructure may include both hardware and software. It isn’t straightforward and is time-consuming to build a self-hosted SMTP server and is not recommended. These often leave you open to spam. Several problems might arise which you have to face without technical support.

Third-party SMTP Servers

These refer to a server that guarantees delivery of emails on behalf of the sender. However, for these servers to function, they must be adequately configured by an expert.

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Advantages Of Using A Private SMTP Server

Users today prefer to buy their servers, to enjoy the benefits of having their SMTP server, and today, the SMTP server price for private servers is quite affordable. Some of the notable benefits of using a personal SMTP server are

Send More Emails Per Hour

Most ISPs limit the number of emails a client can send per hour. Private server providers offer a dedicated SMTP service to allow clients to send more emails per hour. This feature helps to scale email marketing campaigns. However, it’s crucial to note that private SMTP servers also have limitations.

Such SMTP Servers Save Client’s Money

ISPs charge clients a monthly service for using their servers. On the other hand, a client using personal SMTP servers only needs to pay a one-time set-up cost.

Private SMTP Servers Offer Instant Feedback

A marketer needs to know the status of the email they send. Such feedback is crucial for the success of any campaign. Private SMTP servers provide immediate feedback to the sender. For example, they may give a ‘delay’ or a ‘not sent’ feedback. Consequently, the user can try to resend the email to avoid inconveniencing the recipient of the email.

Email Lists Are Kept Private And Secure

One of the significant fears clients have is the vulnerability of their email lists. A private server helps to enhance the privacy of your listings.

Complete Control

Additionally, the servers also give the customers control of their email accounts. For this reason, clients are at liberty to utilize their listings to engage their clients. Some clients opt to segment or combine their email listings.

Eliminates The Need For Restrictive Third-party Terms And Conditions

Third parties have multiple conditions that must be abided by all clients. Sometimes, the actions taken by third parties may end up weakening a client’s deliverability. For example, if some third-party clients send spam to other people, your deliverability might weaken. A personal SMTP server helps to ensure that the user’s email deliverability remains high throughout. Additionally, the client is more in control and doesn’t have to subject himself to restrictive conditions.

Allows Users To Add A Few Features

All personal SMTP servers come with their dedicated email servers. The dedicated servers give a customer the freedom to set up new features as they please. For instance, a customer can set up a feature that allows easier forwarding of emails to other recipients. Interestingly, the servers also enable clients to gain access to their accounts as often as they like.

Supports Bulk Email Sending To Recipients

Individual SMTP servers allow customers to send bulk emails. This feature helps support ventures such as email marketing of products. Consequently, customers spend less money as they don’t foot monthly fees. They can now market their products at a lower cost.

Disadvantage Of Using Free Servers

One major drawback of these free servers is that they do not fully guarantee the deliverability of emails. The lack of guarantee manifests more, especially when dealing with bulk emails.

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Instant SMTP Activation

One common question with most customers is whether they can buy SMTP instant activation servers. Well, the truth is there are plenty of providers of these SMTP services at pocket-friendly rates. Additionally, the setting up and activation of such servers is fast and convenient. It takes less than 3 hours to set up and activate your SMTP server fully. The most affordable activation plan comes with intriguing merits such as a dedicated domain, one dedicated IP, and a staggering speed of 20000 emails per hour.

However, it’s crucial to note that the validity of the activation is usually 30 days. After the 30 days expires, a customer has to renew their plan for re-activation. The good thing about activating SMTP is that it ensures smooth use of the protocol for the next 30 days. Therefore, a customer need not feel short-changed when they buy any of these plans. The benefits that accompany each of these plans are too good for anyone to resist.

Final Words

If one experiences any technical issues while setting up their private SMTP server, the provider’s support staff is more than willing to help. All that the client needs to do is contact them. They assist within 24 hours. What’s very encouraging is the affordable SMTP activation plans for customers. If they buy SMTP services, there is every reason for email marketers to be hopeful that their campaigns will succeed.

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