Features You Should Look For In An SMTP Service

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, commonly known as SMTP, is a popular email sending protocol used by millions all over the world. SMTP uses a mechanism known as “store and forward” and transfers emails via various networks, thus helping to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, and others.

The protocol is used alongside the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to deliver communications to the correct destination. If you were considering whether or not to buy SMTP servers for your email marketing campaign, here are a few benefits that can help you make up your mind.

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Benefits Of Using An SMTP Service

Great For Email Marketing Campaigns

For your online campaign, you must buy SMTP server for email marketing. Bulk email marketing is one of the best ways to send out newsletters and emails to customers and clients around the world. The efficient delivery of these emails becomes possible with the use of SMTP servers. This method is also the most cost-effective way for bulk email sending.

An SMTP Service Is Reliable

You might need to spend several hours ensuring that your email content is error-free and gets your message across to your target audience. Now imagine what a waste of time it would be if your emails land up in the junk folder. Thankfully, if you buy SMTP services, then you have to worry only about your content. Your SMTP service provider handles the delivery part of the campaign.

SMTP Services Provide Reports And Track Emails

Have you ever wondered if your email reaches the inbox of your customers and is read? Such analytics and data are essential for the success of any email marketing campaign. An excellent SMTP service will ensure that all emails sent by you are tracked until they reach the recipient. It thus becomes easy to find whether an email is in a queue, has bounced, or is deferred.

Helpful Support

In case you have any doubts about anything related to SMTP, your SMTP service provider will provide expert assistance. They will also ensure that all help is provided until setting up the service and will solve problems that might come along the way.

Prevents Emails From Going To Spam

When a newsletter or email is classified as spam, they do not reach the recipient accounts. Such emails are therefore discarded even before they are opened and go to waste. An SMTP service will ensure that your emails reach their recipients without fail.

Private SMTP Servers Are Fast

As compared to other servers and protocols, private SMTP servers will help you deliver transactional emails at lightning speed. This feature ensures that customers are not left waiting for their passwords or acknowledgements of purchase.

Is Using A Free SMTP Service A Wise Choice?

Using a free SMTP service might seem like the best thing for entrepreneurs who are just starting. There’s no cost, and all functions needed are accessible. All this sounds great if you are on a low budget. However, using a free SMTP server only makes economic sense until your business starts to expand. For instance, Google’s zero cost SMTP Mail relay system allows you to send only 3000 every month. Such low volumes are not suitable for a growing business, which needs to do large scale promotional activities.

Using a free service may mean you are sharing IP addresses with potential spammers. In such a scenario, you will get blacklisted, and your email deliverability rates will fall through the roof. To ensure increased email deliverability and higher sending limits, it’s thus crucial to buy SMTP services.

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How To Choose The Right SMTP Service

Since email marketing is older than the World Wide Web itself, it’s no surprise that there are several kinds of SMTP services out there. The number of services ranges from command-line applications to full-blown corporate servers. When it comes to features, these services all cover more or less the same basic functionalities. However, the points given below will help you choose the right one for yourself.


When choosing an SMTP service, give a thought on whether or not all the features that service provides are required. If not, then go for a smaller server that covers a subset of features as per your need. Unnecessary features may slow a server down, complicate required documentation, and steepen the learning curve. Choosing simple SMTP servers may save a lot of time for small to mid-sized organizations. However, many organizations need sophisticated services, and such feature-rich SMTP servers can be very complex. This fact means that configuring the best services can be a bit tricky. You can buy SMTP instant activation servers to reduce configuration time.

Look For Proper Support

Some SMTP server implementations can become very complicated. As the complexity of the system starts to rise, so does the need for expert advice. These situations can be a bit challenging if a lesser-known system is chosen. You should, therefore, conduct thorough research on whether your service provider gives expert support systems. Such a benefit means when things are not going well, the person in charge of your service will assist in solving the issues.

SMTP Server Price

Some of the best SMTP services are open-source and hence won’t cost a lot. With that said, these often have their limitations. It is thus essential to consider the SMTP server price and choose the one that is under budget and feature-rich. However, while doing this, factor in how support, configuration, and maintenance will save you time. Time is money, after all.

Final Words

SMTP is an electronic standard for email transmission. An SMTP service is not only reliable but can also prevent your emails from ending up in spam folders. If you are planning to buy mail servers, you should keep some factors in mind such as support, complexity, and pricing. Doing this will help you make the right choice.

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