Using DMARC Report Analyzer Open Source For Effective Handling Of DMARC Reports

The protocol DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) allows domain owners to establish a set of requirements an email should fulfill to avoid getting treated as spam. On the receiver side, the server checks the email for the policies. If they are found modified, it will declare the email as spoof or spam. A DMARC report analyzer open-source tool can handle online DMARC reports such as DMARC reports Office 365 and Google DMARC reports. The software can also analyze reports and visualize DMARC report formats as per the user’s request.

DMARC uses two methods SPF and DKIM, for authentication purposes. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) uses a set of predefined servers to send emails, and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mails) adds a signature to the sender’s email at the client side.

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How Does DMARC Report Analyzer Works?

DMARC indicates that the email from a particular source is protected with DKIM and SPF. The overall working of the DMARC report analyzer open source can be scrutinized as given below.

  • DMARC uses a DNS record to define how emails should be processed, and this also aids domain owners to handle when the authentication of DKIM and SPF fails.
  • DMARC’s alignment of DKIM and SPF avoids spoofing in the header from the section.
  • SPF checks for the header from the sender and envelope from the domain name.
  • DKIM checks the header from the section with d=domain name section.

Due to the complexity and high cost of DMARC report tools, many organizations do not consider using one in the long run. Furthermore, there are various misconceptions about DMARC report analyzing mechanisms that inhibit its usage among businesses.

The Need Of Open Source DMARC Report Analyzer

Due to SPF and DKIM, the DMARC report analyzer offers a variety of features and benefits businesses in the long run.


  • The DMARC report analyzer can be modified and customized to meet specific industries’ needs and ensure maximum security.
  • It simplifies the DMARC deployment process.
  • Moreover, the DMARC analyzer also ensures complete insights into various incoming and outgoing email channels.
  • Phishing and malicious content are identified in the early stages, and the risk of cyberattacks can be mitigated to avoid scams and brand abuse.
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Features Of DMARC Report Parsing Tools

There are various DMARC report parsing tools readily available, and these tools mainly have to parse XML files sent by the client to the target node. Some of the critical features of DMARC report parsing tools are given below.


  • DMARC parsing tools can handle the DMARC report formats of varying sizes, operating platforms, and extensions.
  • These parsing tools can read emails from a user’s inbox or even save reports that are available on disks.
  • Moreover, the DMARC report parsing tools will have consistent data structures.
  • The output from these parsing tools can be saved as a JSON file or sent to third party applications for further processing.
  • Such applications are also able to handle gzip and zip compressed reports transparently.
  • The software is also able to visualize the output using various templates.
  • Ability to parse the reports from the user’s mailbox over IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol).
  • Integration with other platforms is another feature of parsing tools for processing the results faster.

How To Design A Customized DMARC Report Analyzer?

DMARC report analyzer can be developed for specific purposes. Below given is an overview of how this can be done

  • In the front end, to achieve GUI, tools will be web applications based on interacting with the users.
  • There are two parts in the back end: the database for storing incoming reports and the logic part for rendering widgets.
  • The tools can be tested using email and cyberattack simulations to rectify any vulnerabilities.
  • A DMARC pre-check will be executed to examine the impact a DMARC deployment will have and what measure of emails will result in profitability.
  • A DMARC monitor that contains DMARC status, automated test, authentication results, and DNS record history can be developed to guide after the first DMARC report analyzer deployment.

Any organization can find DMARC report analyzer open source useful in handling and analyzing its DMARC reports the same way as higher-end commercial tools. However, not every organization has the time and technical staff to deploy the open-source DMARC report analyzer. This is where robust third-party tools can help, which come with great features such as the ability to integrate and interoperate across various platforms without any manual intervention.

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