Email Filtering Solutions: Popular Methods With Best Email Filtering Services For Your Enterprise

Businesses around the world spend a lot of time and effort on email filtering services to beat spam. Spammers are coming up with unique and different ways every day to bypass email filters. Hence, when businesses are looking to invest in email filtering solution, they need to look for ones that employ innovative and effective ways to stop the spam emails.

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The best spam filter is the one that employs various filtering policies for different sets of users and threat types. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to email filtering, and businesses need to decide upon which features best fit their requirements to fight spam. Let’s look at some of the most common and effective email filtering methods which many businesses incorporate in their email filtering solutions.


Many filters block emails from known spam sources (blacklisting) or allow only emails from verified sources (whitelisting); greylisting is a method somewhere in between these two methods. Blacklisting may give an attacker who is not in the list a chance to get through; whitelisting may unintentionally reject a critical email from a sender who is not on the list.

Greylisting blocks emails from entering the network if the source is not known. In other words, it puts the senders in a greylist and sends the emails back to their originating servers. Also, it sends a request along with the returned email to resend it to confirm the source. If the email is from an official source and is essential, the sender will most likely send it again. But since spam servers are busy operating from various proxy servers, the emails are not sent back.

Outbound Email Scanning

Another successful method that email filtering solutions employ is the outbound email scanning method. Outbound filtering scans for business email accounts that are compromised and used as a disguise to send spam emails to other businesses. It is highly effective as it helps prevent threats for organizations and also protects their reputation to a great extent.

Advanced Anti-Virus Software

Most of the anti-virus solutions work by scanning for malware after it already infects the network with spam and malware. The advanced anti-virus solutions incorporated in the best email filtering solutions scan every incoming email to scan for all malware and prevent threats from reaching the network.

Phishing Protection/Malicious URL Blocking

When it comes to phishing protection, most of the email filtering tools scan the emails for links and then compare those links with a malicious URL list. If any link matches with that list, then it blocks the email, and add the IP address to the database to prevent any future phishing attacks from the same sender.

Data Leak Protection

One of the recent additions that you can find in the latest email filtering security tools is the data leak protection update. The leakage prevention system flags any suspicious email based on user-defined keywords. This feature allows businesses to prevent any leakage of confidential information.

Best Email Filtering Services


SpamBully is a popular email filter app that works with most of the popular platforms like Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and other free email services. The software helps in identifying and blocking phishing messages effectively. The software also checks the attachments in email for threats and blocks and deletes the messages from blacklisted addresses. One of the highlights of the software is that it comes with a Bayesian filter that provides active inbound email filtering to reject personalized spam messages. The only drawback with SpamBully is that it doesn’t support mobile devices.

Avast Internet Security

Avast Internet Security software comes loaded with antiphishing and anti-spam tools that help in scanning and dealing with all incoming emails containing malicious links and attachments. The software is also efficient at filtering messages that contain trojans, rootkits, and viruses. But the only thing that lacks here is a Bayesian filter to identify personalized and sophisticated spam messages. There is also no country-wise filter found in Avast Internet Security, but the software is excellent for malware protection. The enterprise spam filter reviews and ratings of the solution also look good.

eScan Internet Security Suite

eScan Internet Security Suite is another popular email filtering service that quickly identifies and blocks messages that contain malware and deal with them swiftly. The software is also highly effective in identifying phishing emails and gives the users the option whether to quarantine them or delete them permanently. The security suite also allows users to customize the settings to send an automatic reply to spammers that there is a system in place to block all spam messages effectively.

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