Make Your Email Filter Selection Easier With Our Enterprise Spam Filter Reviews and Ratings

As businesses expand and technology develops, we witness a parallel rise in the tactics cybercriminals use to send phishing and spam emails. Email filtering services become a necessity in these times when spam emails account for more than half of the email traffic across the internet.

While most email service providers come with a basic level of anti-spam measures incorporated, the advanced means of spamming employed by attackers easily evade these primary means of protection. Email filtering tools are an essential component responsible for the smooth functioning of any business in recent times.

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Which Spam Filter To Choose?

While one feels the urgent and dire need for email filtering services, the task of choosing the right spam filter makes people go haywire. Selecting the most appropriate email filtering solution for your enterprise from among the multitude of services that exist and claim to be the best today is a tricky task.

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Enterprise Spam Filter Reviews and Ratings

To assist you in figuring out the solution to this dilemma, here is a list of the popular email filtering services along with a carefully analyzed review of each one:


Delivering the best spam filter for business, SpamTitan Email Security is one of the most sought after email filtering security service among enterprises. It controls the mail flow and protects from spam email via sophisticated email security that is most suitable for a business.


Email satisfies its users with its auto threat detection feature that automatically filters the malware, viruses, and other online threats. What appeals more is the application lock feature of this email filter app. The services are worth the money charged and provide overall satisfaction to end-users.


With a highly diversified customer base, Spambrella serves thousands of users globally. It efficiently filters spam emails by letting only the legitimate ones to reach the end-user. But on the downside, clients occasionally face issues with configuring their settings as per their convenience and preference.


MailChannels relentlessly strive to serve their users 24/7 support and make sure to answer the grievances of clients promptly. Any organization can consider using MailChannels to receive legitimate emails without the fear of the filter discarding them along with the spams (as is the case with many email filtering services).

MailChannels is perhaps the only service that accepts all of your emails, including spam and does the filtering in a way quite unconventional. On the dark side, the configuration could be a little difficult to adopt at the first try; the authorities at MailChannels can make a script that auto-configures the server for optimal mail delivery.

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