Email Filter App: An Essential Anti-Spam Solution When It Comes To Enterprise Email

Email filtering solutions are primarily responsible for organizing email messages according to pre-defined conditions. For ease of understanding, let’s compare the filtering process to how you manually classify your emails into personal, work, or subscription folders. The email filter app will start working as soon as the server receives an email. It will apply anti-spam techniques and filter out spam and viruses. It will also evaluate the sender’s email address, subject, and message content and, based on these, it will send the emails to their respective folders. Alternatively, with a non-configured email address, the program categorizes the emails into two categories only – inbox and junk.

So, there we have the primary uses of email filtering – security and anti-spam measures, and automatic organization of emails. Another usage of email filtering tools, in addition to inbound email filtering, is checking outgoing emails to ensure employee compliance with company policies and regulations.

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Some Of The Best Email Filter Apps Available


  1. Organizer: One crucial requirement of every enterprise is a time-saving process. To save the time you spend organizing your inbox, Organizer is your best shot. This email filtering tool does everything on your behalf. The ease-of-use is unparalleled; you have to choose the mailbox you want to organize, and you are good to go. It is an excellent way of organizing emails, improving delivery, stopping spam, and protecting oneself from phishing attacks.
  2. SpamBully: It works seamlessly with all email programs, and is super-easy to install. It also supports IMAP and POP3. Besides checking the attachments for spam, it automatically deletes messages from blacklisted addresses and also has adjustable sensitivity settings. For recognizing and blocking personalized spam messages, SpamBully uses a Bayesian filter. These features make it one of the top-rated email filtering services.
  3. MailWasher Pro: It is an advanced email filter app which works equally well on both desktop and mobile devices. It blocks new threats based on patterns it detects, using the Bayesian filter technology. It imports and whitelists your existing contact list. It also scans the emails for any malicious images and attachments. MailWasher Pro is an excellent app with high scores on enterprise spam filter reviews and ratings.

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