How Can You Ensure Your Email Security With Anti-Spam Measures

Spam messages are unsolicited messages to trick users into fraud. Anti-spam means any measure – process, software, or hardware – that prevents spam from gaining access to the user’s inbox. The anti-spam process may be used as a part of a more comprehensive security product. For instance, developers produce reliable email filtering solutions by combining the anti-spam and organization features needed for efficient mailbox management.

Email filtering service is an anti-spam measure which is inbuilt in most of the email clients to help in blocking the junk or spam emails out of the inbox. Additionally, some vendors provide dedicated email filter apps to streamline this process. A variety of techniques are employed by email administrators that allows a degree of automation to the anti-spam process, software or hardware. There are checksum-based filters, URL filters, Hybrid filters, and many more. Each of them uses different technology based on their specialized functions to carry the mechanism.

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Why Use Anti-Spam?

With the prevalent spam emails bombarding mailboxes everywhere, it is not difficult to see why you should use anti-spam.

Spam Blocking

There are anti-spam solutions available that allow the blocking of messages in a customized manner. It also ensures user self-service to look out individually for odds such as false positives.

Spam Quarantining

Anti-spam software also allows for a quarantine of spam messages so that it mitigates the potential risks they carry. It depends upon the recipient to move quarantined messages either to their inbox or delete it.

Save Storage Space

They help to throw all the garbage that otherwise will consume bandwidth and use up all the space on the server.

Inbound Email Filtering

Incoming email messages are filtered through the inbound email filtering service of anti-spam software. This service scans the whole body of email content, including any malicious attachments. Generally, anti-spam software consists of both incoming email filtering as well as outbound email filtering service.

How Is Email Filtering Security Ensured With Different Spam Filters?

Email filtering security service equips itself with these six broad types of filters as anti-spam. They are like the main headings of various spam filters used by different email filter apps.

Content Filters

As the name signifies, they review the content inside the messages to decide if they are genuine or spam.

Permission Filters

These filters restrict the sender to be approved by the recipient before accepting any correspondence.

Header Filters

They look at the email header to identify infectious information.

General-Blacklist Filters

There is a pre-maintained list of blacklists which are available on the web and regularly maintained by the email clients and administrators after identifying spam. So, the function of general blacklist filters is to stop all emails that come from a known list of spammers.

Rule-Based Filters

These filters define a set of criteria or rule and standards for identifying a particular message as a spam message. Criteria are set based on the specific wording in the body or header.

Challenge-Response Filters

Challenge-response filters are designed to protect outbound spam messages. They require a sender to gain prior permission before sending the message.

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7 Best Solutions For Anti-Spam

Here is a list of some of the best-rated spam filters that score very high on enterprise spam filter reviews and ratings.

  • Spamfilter Service by Hornetsecurity
  • MailChannels
  • MailWasher
  • Xeams
  • SPAMfighter
  • SpamHero
  • Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete Suite

The anti-spam filter market is expected to grow at a significant rate in the future. This trend reveals the increasing needs of anti-spam technology to counter the advancements of cyber adversaries. Hackers continue to employ sophisticated phishing attacks to by-pass email filtering tools. On the other hand, the cyber industry is also improving its pace with many email administrators and recognizing the need for introducing sophisticated and hard to beat cybersecurity techniques.

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