The Importance Of Spam Filtering Solutions And Tips To Avoid Spam Efficiently

Spam has become one of the most lucrative businesses for malicious actors. Spam content is constant, and it is an increasing trend due to an increase in business communications over the email platform. Therefore, email spam filtering solutions is a phrase widely accepted by professionals and enterprises. Let’s discuss the importance of spam filter services, along with various solutions and helpful tips.


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What Do You Mean By An Email Spam Filter?

Before thinking of the importance of a spam filter service, one should know what is a spam filter and how does it work. It is a cloud-based or an integrated software solution to keep unwanted and unsolicited emails out of the mailbox. They could come with threats of viruses, other malware, and phishing attacks or be plain annoying. The spam filter aims to block the entry of such spam via various spam filtering techniques.

Spam filters also come in different forms. They often use the heuristics technique, which is based upon the judgment of finding spam emails. With a set of predefined standards or algorithms, the probability of a message being spam is detected. For instance, the message’s subject line or different suspicious words in the email is put under scrutiny by the filters.

Categories Of Software Solutions Of Spam Filter

Generally, spam filtering solutions are provided via three kinds of software solutions, as discussed below.

Gateway Spam Filters

Gateway spam filters are like firewalls installed to prevent the entry of suspicious emails or spam. Before getting into the organization’s network, an email must go through the set gateway spam firewall. They are integrated into the on-premise local servers.

Desktop Spam Filters

Desktop spam filters are installed by an individual user using the computer system via the internet or through some software enterprise. The filters are simple to configure, and the users can adjust the filtration techniques themselves. The process is similar to setting the spam filter Gmail where all the settings are done using the desktop system.

Hosted Spam Filters

The filter is usually provided via cloud service, and it is called a hosted spam filter. As the gateway filters, these filters also check emails before they enter the organization’s inboxes. The emails get filtered over the cloud. Hosted spam filters are regularly and automatically updated, easy to install, and generally function using third party subscriptions.

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Tips To Reduce Spam Emails

No matter the number of solutions you implement in the organization for preventing spam, a factor of general common sense and proper training of employees is also highly essential for managing spam. Before determining how the spam filters will be executed, one should clearly understand what do spam filters look for in emails? It is because even if one has correctly installed the anti-spam software or any other spam filtering solution, there will always be a concern regarding getting ‘false positives.’

Thus, along with using filters, you should also focus on the tips given below and take the initiative to prevent damage.

  • Manually block out the email address you find suspicious.
  • Make use of custom settings provided where you can check for specific parameters to block spam emails.
  • Avoid subscription to unusual campaigns or email letters.
  • Do get yourself unsubscribed from a mailing list if you find anything suspicious or a sense of urgency to provide confidential details.
  • Do not forget to report spam, which also helps the Bayesian Filters to work efficiently.
  • Go for a paid service instead of a free email spam filter if you have highly risky assets, as even the best free spam filter may not have all the advanced features as a paid service.

The above discussion has presented the importance of spam filtering solutions and various related aspects. Spam filtering solutions are highly beneficial for individual users and employees of an organization. Hence, spam filtering solutions cannot be avoided. Instead, they need to be continually developed and kept smart enough to combat the spammers as they always keep researching how to avoid spam filters and come up with advanced spamming techniques from time to time.

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