Free SMTP Relay Service Can Be An Efficient Tool For Your Marketing Communication

Sending emails is a very routine thing to do, but when you require sending bulk emails, then your regular email client won’t be of any significant help. That is where an SMTP service plays a vital role, as it facilitates handling your bulk marketing emails daily without any hassles.

But for small and medium businesses, maintaining their own SMTP services can prove to be costly, and hence, they look for a free SMTP mail relay service. However, the problem here is that many of the free SMTP services are not reliable. In this article, let’s look at some of the best open SMTP relay services available.

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MailGet Bolt

MailGet Bolt is a free SMTP relay service provider that helps small and medium businesses to enhance their email marketing activities. With MailGet Bolt, one can send bulk mail for various purposes, including marketing, transactions, promotions, and education. With this free SMTP relay server, no authentication is required, and it comes packed with multiple features like email list management, email scheduler, email autoresponders, etc. The SMTP email service also provides its users with around 500 email templates along with an easy to use drag and drop editor.


SMTP Service Highlights

  • With the list cleaning option, email marketing managers can get rid of unwanted, duplicate, and inactive email addresses.
  • In-built drip feature to allow marketing emails to be delivered across various platforms.
  • Preview emails before forwarding using the inbox-preview feature.
  • Use personalized tags even while sending bulk emails to achieve higher conversion rates.
  • Categorize your email list into various groups and sub-groups and plan your email marketing strategy accordingly.

Elastic Email

Next in the list of the best free SMTP relay services is Elastic Email, another popular open mail relay service. The SMTP service comes with a highly reliable infrastructure and allows its users to send up to 100 free emails a day. Those who are looking to send more emails every day can switch over to the premium version. The service also comes loaded with exciting features like email tracking and detailed stats and reports on emails delivered, rejected, and returned along with reseller tools too.


SMTP Service Highlights

  • Categorize your email list and plan your strategy accordingly.
  • Easy to integrate with HTTP API.
  • Supports SPF & DKM and hence guarantees for a successful delivery.
  • Easy to use templates available.
  • Detailed insights on bounce rates, successful delivery, email open rates, click-through percentage, and more.
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Amazon SES

The next free SMTP provider on the list comes from Amazon. Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is a widely used and popular SMTP relay service, free to use if you have subscribed to Amazon cloud service, EC2. It is being used by digital marketing teams around the world to send bulk emails to their customers. With Amazon SES, businesses can send all kinds of bulk emails like transactional, notification, marketing, education, etc. The SMTP server is simple to integrate with every AWS SDK out there. Amazon SES comes with a detailed dashboard to help you take complete control over your marketing emails. The service also provides you with detailed stats and reports on the emails sent.


SMTP Service Highlights

  • The SMTP service adheres to all industry-standard authentication guidelines like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc.
  • Amazon SES comes with an excellent reputation and is the primary reason for marketing experts to reach out to Amazon SES services.
  • Dedicated IP address.
  • Higher conversion and click-through rates.

Mailjet SMTP Relay Service

Mailjet is another renowned free SMTP gateway that allows its customers to send and manage bulk emails. The SMTP relay provider is highly safe and secure, and the service ensures that all your emails sent reach the customer’s inbox safely without any hassles. The free email SMTP relay is easy to set up and provides its customers with detailed analysis and reports on the emails sent.

With Mailjet, email marketing managers can easily categorize the email list as various groups and subgroups and create marketing plans based on multiple group interest levels. One of the significant issues faced by businesses using free SMTP mail relay services most of the time is that the servers are blacklisted, and hence, their emails end up as junk emails. But with Mailjet, all servers are whitelisted, and therefore you can ensure that your marketing emails land in your customer’s inbox directly.


SMTP Service Highlights

  • Highly safe and secure SMTP service.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Send bulk emails without any delivery issues.
  • Detailed stats on successful delivery, bounce rates, open rates, click-through rates, and more.
  • Detailed dashboard to enable complete control over your email marketing.
  • Easy to integrate with more than eight different frameworks.
  • 100% responsive emails.
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The final entrant into the best free SMTP relay services list is TurboSMTP, a trusted and reliable SMTP service. With TurboSMTP, users can easily take control of their marketing campaigns and ensure that the emails are delivered directly to their customer’s inbox. Apart from marketing emails, TurboSMTP also provides options for users to send transactional emails as well. The best SMTP relay service is pretty simple to set up and configure. The customer support service is also excellent and is available 24×7. Businesses starting up with their marketing campaigns can largely benefit from the support team in setting up and sending bulk emails using TurboSMTP.


SMTP Service Highlights

  • Highly secure and trusted SMTP service.
  • 100% guaranteed delivery.
  • The service works great with both paid and free email software like Windows Mail, SendBlaster, GroupMail, etc.
  • Real-time delivery insights.
  • Option to create customer groups and sub-groups.

Final Words

The above discussion offers a clear idea as to how an SMTP relay service can help small and medium business marketing, and also mentioned list of free SMTP server available and their features. Hopefully, the above-provided list will help you arrive at an informed decision to choose the best SMTP relay software that suits your requirements.

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