What Is Open Mail Relay?

Investing in email marketing can be a pricey but rewarding ordeal. With an ROI of 4,440%, you’d be crazy not to incorporate it into your marketing.

But communication on a large scale can be difficult at times, due to factors such as sending reputation and server capacity. Third-party open mail relay can address those issues without costing a pretty penny.

In this article, we explain what open mail relay is and the benefits your business can take away from it.

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Open mail relay: defined

Open mail relay – also known as third-party relay – is where an SMTP server lets a third party send emails on your behalf. Many email providers automatically set the relays to open; this can leave your server vulnerable to hijackings from spammers.

If you wish to close your SMTP server, you’ll need to contact your IT department or email provider. They’ll be able to configure your server so known domains and IP addresses can send emails through it.

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Benefits of using third-party open mail relay

Although cybercriminals can potentially hijack open mail relays, as long as you choose a reputable provider, you can get many benefits you otherwise wouldn’t if you ran your own SMTP server. Here are just a few key ones.

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Lower costs

Running your own SMTP relay service can be expensive, just like running any other server would be. When you use the services of a third party, you’ll get to use an SMTP server without having to pay the exorbitant costs yourself. Think of it as renting instead of owning.

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Dedicated team

Owning an SMTP relay software means your IT department will have to dedicate some of their time and resources towards it. With a third-party provider, they have experts ready to help you, no matter what time of day it is. Plus, they’re well-versed in everything SMTP.

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Better deliverability

A significantly higher proportion of your emails will make it into inboxes instead of spam folders. This is made possible through Sender Policy Framework (SPF), plus superb sending reputation on the third party’s end. If blacklisting happens, they can even reroute your emails automatically, so your emails are never stuck.

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More secure

Many third-party providers offer protection against malware outbreaks. Not only do they sign emails with DKIM and DMARC, but they also safeguard your sending reputation if you ever have a virus outbreak on your network.

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