SMTP Relay Service: Google

Google is a name that everyone knows; people use their email and search engine services worldwide. Although they’re renowned for these two services, there’s actually another feature many people don’t know about: SMTP relay service.

If you need to send large numbers of emails to clients, you’ll want to read this article. We’ll tell you what Google’s SMTP relay service entails and how it can help your organization.

outbound smtp relay service

Free SMTP relay service

You’ll want to try out Google’s free SMTP relay service. With this service, Google acts as a third party to send emails on your behalf. This means you use their SMTP server, which has a good sending reputation and won’t get your emails sent to spam.

When you use their free SMTP relay software, you can send up to 100 emails per day. While this may not be a lot for well-established businesses, it can be perfect for startups. It’s a great way to communicate with prospects and clients without worrying about your emails not making it to their inboxes.

Using SMTP relay for Office 365

Do you have multifunctional devices or apps? Then you can use Google’s SMTP relay to send emails through those devices and apps. This can save you several steps in the whole email process.

While previously you had to scan a document, send it to yourself, then send it to your colleague or client, you can save yourself the effort. With email SMTP relay, you can scan the document, then send it to whoever you wish.

With your applications, you can link them up with your client data. Then, with Google’s email SMTP relay, you can send out things such as reminders for appointments, all without having to sift through your own emails and contacts to do so.

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outbound smtp relay

Ensure deliverability with a third-party service

SMTP relay service: Google may be a decent solution, but it’s often not enough to accommodate business needs. In that case, it’s best to look to a third-party mail server service provider.

When you go with a reputable outbound email provider, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits, such as:

  • DKIM/DMARC signatures on your emails for better IP reputation handling
  • Better deliverability
  • Protection from malware outbreaks
  • Access to multiple delivery ports

With such a wide range of benefits and protection from harmful content, it’s well worth investing your money into managed SMTP server service. That way, the money spent on your email campaigns won’t be wasted.

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