Guaranteed Delivery Of Marketing And Promotional Emails Using SMTP Relay Services

Emails are essential constituents of business communications. If you are in an enterprise that does email marketing, you would likely have heard the term, ‘SMTP relay service.’ Let us discuss how an SMTP service works and why it is necessary for your business.


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What Is A Mail Relay Service?

In simple terms, a mail relay service is a process of transferring an email from one server to another. Assume that you work for ‘Organization A’ and want to send an official email to your client working with ‘Organization B.’ Naturally, you do not use your Google SMTP server because of professional ethics.

You send the message to your organization’s server that relays the message to the server of your client’s company. Therefore, you have two servers in action, one accepting email from the other. This service of passing emails from server to server to the intended recipient is known as relaying.

What Is An SMTP Relay Service?

Mail relaying service is excellent for sending the odd email or two. However, if you want to send bulk emails such as newsletters or automatic transactional emails involving password resets or delivery confirmations, you would require the services of a trusted third-party email service provider. This service is referred to as an SMTP relay service.

One of the benefits of using an SMTP relay service is that it ensures that the email gets delivered to the recipient rather than end up as spam.

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The Importance Of SMTP Relay Service

SMTP relay services come to the fore when you have to send large volumes of emails such as marketing newsletters to thousands of recipients at a time.

It is also useful when you have a web app for your business that sends you email notifications when your clients use it. Generally, the free SMTP servers label such emails as spam, but they are not. Hence, you need a dedicated SMTP relay service to handle such issues.

Using your regular email service provider for such emails can prove to be a counterproductive affair that affects your delivery rate. The mails could end up clogging your bandwidth and delay the sending and receiving process considerably.

Benefits Of SMTP Relay Service

It guarantees delivery – When you use an SMTP relay service for your business promotional emails and other marketing emails, the delivery is guaranteed. The emails will reach the inbox of the recipient without being classified as spam. Usually, the free servers classify your bulk email messages as spam. A dedicated SMTP relay service can help solve this issue.

It is ideal for sending transactional emails – Transactional emails like password reset or delivery confirmations should preferably be sent through an SMTP relay service to ensure guaranteed and safe delivery.

You can send thousands of emails at a time – It is not possible to send thousands of marketing emails at a time through the shared hosting and ISPs because of the risk of having them flagged as spam emails. Also, the free servers have a limit on the number of emails you can send in a day. Businesses can rely on SMTP services to send thousands of such promotional emails at a time.

It handles emails to apps – An SMTP service is a useful tool for businesses offering mobile app services. These businesses can take the help of SMTP relay services to get notifications every time their client uses the app. The standard email servers cannot handle such large volumes of transactions.

Tracking your emails becomes easy – Tracking your emails and maintaining reports are essential activities of an email marketing strategy. It is only possible if you use a dedicated SMTP server. This relay service ensures tracking of the emails until they are delivered. If the email address is a wrong one, the email traces its way back to the originating address with the remarks ‘Undelivered.’ Similarly, the SMTP relay service ensures there is no bouncing of your email messages. Therefore, you can maintain reports of your emails and gauge the success of your email marketing strategy.

It prevents your server from getting blacklisted – You can use your standard email service for sending regular emails. However, if you use the local servers to send bulk emails, there can be clogging of the servers, leading to delays. Secondly, the enormous volumes of emails originating from a specific email address can send warning signals that could end up in the IP address getting blacklisted. An SMTP relay service can help in preventing such blacklisting.

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Should You Opt For A Free SMTP Server?

A free SMTP server has various benefits, the most important of which is the cost factor. Hence, many start-ups and SMEs go through the free SMTP server lists and choose the one most suited for their businesses. Installing and configuring of the SMTP services on Windows is also a hassle-free process with plenty of guides and how-tos on the internet.

There are advantages, but there are some demerits, as well. One such disadvantage is that it is not safe to send these transactional emails such as password resets through the free SMTP servers. Emails sent through free SMTP servers can be hacked and accessed along the route. Also, free SMTP service providers typically put limitations on the number of emails you can send in a day or a month.

Final Words

Using SMTP relay services is the best option for businesses to take care of their email marketing campaigns. With a reliable service, sending bulk emails becomes easy without having to worry about whether the emails end up as spam. This guaranteed delivery of emails is the single most critical reason for the importance of using an SMTP relay service.

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