What Happens When Permerror SPF Permanent Error Too Many DNS Lookups Occurs?

For the recipient servers’ convenience and the prevention of DDoS attacks, SPF records must be limited to ten mechanisms. It is also known as the SPF lookup limit. Failing to maintain the limit would result in a permerror SPF too many DNS lookups.

multiple spf records

How To Deal With SPF Lookup Failure?

The following measures may be adopted to check the SPF lookup counter and avoid exceeding the SPF lookup limit:

  • Modifiers: Avoid extra modifiers like ‘include,’ ‘a’, ‘mx,’ ‘ptr,’ ‘exists,’ ‘redirect,’ etc., as they count against the SPF lookup limit.
  • SPF Flattening: SPF lookup errors may be reduced by SPF flattening, which is a manual way of replacing domain names with their IP addresses to eliminate the need for separate DNS records. However, this manual solution needs constant monitoring as a change of IP address by an email service provider would mean SPF record errors for domain owners.
  • Multiple SPF Records: Yet another error causing SPF lookup failure is that of more than one SPF records, which can be avoided by merging the two (or more) SPF records of a domain into a single one.
  • SPF Compression: The SPF compression tool goes a step ahead and ensures that the SPF lookup limit is maintained by repairing records and authorizing email service providers.

Thus, the above steps are capable of preventing the permerror SPF permanent error too many DNS lookups.

SPF records are an effective way to ensure email deliverability, spam control, and the prevention of DDoS or other forms of cyberattacks. However, SPF record errors such as the “permerror SPF permanent error too many DNS lookups” and other similar ones hinder this secure and fast email delivery process. The ways mentioned above help reduce the chances of SPF lookup failure.

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