How To Overcome DNS Lookup Errors With SPF Compression?

To overcome the DNS lookup limit errors, many domain owners resort to SPF record flattening. However, the truth is that sometimes SPF flattening is not a proper or permanent solution. SPF flattening can cause even delivery issues that can harm the reputation of your domain. In this article, we’ll explore how to overcome SPF lookup errors with SPF compression.

spf too many dns lookups

What Is SPF Compression?

When it comes to avoiding SPF too many DNS lookups errors as SPF records exceed the allowed limit, SPF compression is the only way. With SPF compression, your SPF records are repaired and compressed, and automatically authorizes all the domain addresses and IP addresses in the SPF record as valid senders.

Advantages Of SPF Compression

The following are the main benefits you get by using the SPF compression technique.

  1. The 10 DNS lookup error will be avoided.
  2. No need for SPF record editing.
  3. The compressed record will be compatible with the existing SPF rules.
multiple spf records
spf lookup

Why Delegating Your SPF Records Is Important?

The buzzword today with domain owners is SPF delegation. In simple words, to overcome various issues with your SPF records like SPF lookup limit and permerror SPF permanent error too many DNS lookups, they resort to SPF delegation. With SPF delegation, you hand over your SPF records’ control to another organization to manage them.

Once you delegate the SPF records, you can stop worrying about the SPF lookup counter issue or multiple SPF records problems. With SPF delegation, your records are compressed, and sometimes even your email providers are hidden from mail transfer agents to prevent SPF lookup failure.

You only need to provide the list of IP addresses allowed, and the team will take care of creating the SPF records and compressing it if required.

When even SPF flattening does not provide a long-lasting and permanent solution, it is better to rely on SPF compression. It ensures email authentication and delivery by repairing the problematic records and authorizing genuine ESPs.

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